Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Month Babies!

Now that Miranda is one month old, I was wondering how similar she looks to her sisters when they were one month old. Wow--I think I gave birth to the same baby three times! Can you guess who is who? :) (Try not to use the surroundings to influence your guess...)

Baby #1
Baby #2
Baby #3


b.niel said...

ooh, i know! 1. Ellie 2. Miranda 3. Kate. But I just happened to have some clues and I remember the 3rd pic from years ago. Ellie and Miranda do look similar though!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess I wouldn't have won a prize on this quiz!!! However, I do know these baby girls are all beautiful!!


Nana said...

They are sisters, for sure! Kate was your sleepiest daughter, so that's an easy one. And having just been with Miranda I know she is #2 in the parade and that leaves Ellie at #1. Yup! They are all related!

scarlet said...

my favorite is #3!!! sleeping babies are the best babies.