Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, the days just fly by! There are several things I have yet to master now that we have three girls, and one of them is trying to find time to upload, edit, and post pictures to the blog. Oh yeah, that's assuming I'm actually taking some! But we are taking some, and we're happy to post a few for you to see.

Ellie and Jon on a walk in the forest near our house.
Miranda wearing her Halloween onesie. I tried to get her to wear this on three separate occasions--all THREE times she completely spit up all over it. So I gave up. But she did actually wear it!

Hanging out with Dad.

 Many of you know I'm part of a MOPS leadership team and these wonderful ladies are such a blessing to work with! They came together and had a "Meet Miranda" shower and it was such fun to visit and just hang out together. Thank you to all who were able to come!
My friend Roxanne, the host and coordinator of the event. We had a pancake bar--perfect!!

Allison made a fun diaper cake

And here are more of our wonderful team! Some had to leave before I took this picture, but I was able to capture the rest. :)

At six weeks (she's seven now) she started smiling regularly. SO sweet!

For a while now Kate has been wanting to get her hair cut. So all four of us headed off to the beauty shop for Kate's cut and Ellie's first trim.
Kate before

Ellie before. (I have to add that Ellie picked out her own outfit and she had already taken the pony out of her hair. Oh, and she's eating a piece of candy from the shop owner. 'Nuff said.)

Both getting their hair done.

After! Kate loves her short cut and I think we'd like to keep it this way. I just got Ellie's hair trimmed because I know once we actually cut it she won't have any curls left. I'm not ready to part with the curls yet.
 This past weekend we visited a nearby mall for the first time. And they have a Starbucks!! So this is my first caramel macchiato since we were back in the states this past March. Ahhhhhhh. Miranda enjoyed her first trip to Starbucks...she stuck to milk, though.

Unfortunately Miranda's birthday caused the girls to miss a friend's birthday party, but my friend didn't leave the girls out! They had their own superhero shields and masks to decorate. Aren't they awesome?

And we were finally able to connect with our friend (and babysitter!) who is attending school not far away. We certainly do miss seeing her on a regular basis, but it was wonderful that she was able to come see the girls.


Roxanne said...

Love reading your blog :-)

b.niel said...

wow! love all the pictures! Ellie looks SO GROWN UP! I love her haircutting outfit, especially the leopard tights with the ruby slippers. and that picture of you guys as the blog header is AWESOME! you all look so great. We've been looking for a new pic of you guys for a frame in our house (the current picture is the Luminatis circa January 2010) and that's a winner! I'm going to try to grab it from the blog and get it printed. If I can't do that I'll need you to email it to me. Yay! Thanks for the pics! Love to all!
aunt b

Blythe Owen Hunt said...

First of all, I LOVE Ellie's outfit. Especially the tights/shoes combo.
Second, Miranda looks so much like E to me!
Third, Miranda has a Lamby! Oh, LAMBY!! heh heh.
Fourth, you look beautiful.
Fifth. Great pictures!! Keep them coming! Since I know you have nothing else to do but sit around and upload pictures. :)
This made my day. <3

Anonymous said...

Goodness, what a great blog!! Love the big smile on Miranda Joy!!! What a beautiful, healthy looking little girl you are. K&E, we love your "salon" pics!! What a great job those people did on your sweet little "hairs"!! Miss Ellie, you are going have to work in fashion without question!! YOU ARE A NATURAL! Kate, you are growing up so fast! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!

Nana said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date with the fan! Little Miranda has such a sweet smile and the haircuts look great. It will be much easier for the routine with shorter hair. Ellie has an incredible fashion sense! Wahooey! Some battles are not worth fighting. (Those tights would go great with the tiger outfit we bought her while we were there!) That was so nice of Roxanne and the gals to host the Meet Miranda shower. What a great team to be part of! Love,