Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Month

Happy one month birthday to our sweet Miranda!
Smiling at her big sis
Her new best friend...after Mom, of course.

Hanging out with Daddy

The family of five! (See the baby? She's hiding....)

There's lots of adoration coming her way. Hours and hours of entertainment!

Even our car gets to celebrate the new arrival.
Great fun was had by all with Gram and Pops' visit! We miss you guys. K and E wave and say hi to you whenever they see the moon. :)
Mom and the sweet fairy sister

We had a great time with you both, Nana and Grandpa! Miss you, too.

Posing in the Queen Esther dress Nana made for Kate.

Everyone wants in on the boppy.

Not too big for a piggy back ride from Grandpa.

The magic show. Grandpa worked hard and his helpers and he did great. What fun it was to see your show!

Using a very old trick...one that her mom and uncle Dave used oh-so-long ago.
We have had a full and busy month since Miranda's arrival! Lots of visits from family and friends, which have been wonderful (and helpful!). All the family has returned to the states now, so we miss them. But we are figuring out life as a family of five together. The two older girls love their little sister and Miranda is such a sweet baby. Well, when she's fed, swaddled, and has her paci, she's SUPER sweet. :) Just kidding, Miranda! We love you and your big sisters. The three of you make each day an adventure.


b.niel said...

hooray! What awesome pics! Always love to see them. the girls are so cute and so big, even Miranda! Wow, I wonder when we'll meet her. Perhaps I shouldn't think about that :(
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what great pictures!! Jen, you are amazing. I t looks look like you have everything under control and very calm! I told you that you would be writing that book about having THREE kiddos!!
Kate, your Nana made you beautiful princess dresses. It is so great that all the grandparents came to be with you all! What a great help that must have been.
Miranda, we love your big smile. Those sisters of yours are going to keep you smiling!

Nana said...

I love the pics and we miss all of you so much! Thank you for a wonderful visit and the opportunity to see Miranda growing right before our eyes! I'm glad the pacie has become her friend. Remember what a good friend the pacie was to you, Jen. You probably don't, but I surely do! Give hugs to the girls for us!