Thursday, April 19, 2012


We had a wonderfully low-key Easter. It was great fun to celebrate Christ's resurrection with our little family and take things preschool-speed. The first thing we did was have an egg hunt in the local park with some of our wonderful neighbors. The kids did a great job helping each other find and share eggs. Here's the paparazzi, following the egg-finders.
The cherry blossoms were beautiful despite the cold!

Do you think we found them all? That was the main question.

A huge thank you to Nana and Grandpa for the beautiful Easter dresses. The girls loved that they were pink! This is our attempt to take pictures outside before they complained they were too cold. And I don't blame them--there was snow on the ground when we got to church Easter Sunday!

We attempted egg dye for the first time. Ellie really wanted to dye eggs because Kate decorated some at her kindy. So we took the plunge. After spilling the yellow and someone adding two tablets to one mug we were ready!

They sure were excited.

The finished product. How proud they were of their eggs! Now they really like eating the pretty colors.

Our landlords came by with some Easter gifts for the girls that included some beautifully dyed eggs, German style. The German Easter eggs are vibrant, beautiful shades of color and I have no idea how they do it. Our landlords said they used onion skin to make the brown color of the ones they gave us--that will have to be in the next post for you to see. Happy Easter and praise God for His gift of the resurrected Christ!!


Anonymous said...

Such a colorful and fun posting. How the girls are growing up. What fun they have. Loved the egg dying and the pics w/ the chair. Thank you for sharing this special celebration. Love to all...G+P

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great! The girls look so pretty in their pink dresses! I think they should only wear pink!! Hope the weather is warming up and the spring flowers are blooming along with the beautiful cherry trees. Love, A & J