Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up

Thank you for following along with our sadly neglected blog! We'll have some Easter pictures in the next few days (to include a new family picture so we can get rid of the Christmas one!). But until then...

If you're not already on facebook, the most exciting thing that's happened in the last months is we're expecting Baby #3 this September. We're all very excited, the girls especially. They love hearing about "Peanut" and seeing how Peanut is growing and developing.

Here's Kate's rendition of our family in her new medium, crayon:

(Mommy is the largest figure, holding Peanut out in my hand. Jon and Ellie are descending in height on the left, and Kate is on the right. And in case you're wondering, those squiggles on Kate and Mommy's faces are our chins.)

Here is her first drawing of me pregnant, done at the beginning of April. My sad face shows how badly I feel (lots of morning sickness with this one) but Peanut is happy as a clam in my belly. (The previous picture is more recent--she's graduated to adding arms, hair, and clothing.)
Kate was so proud of the eggs she made in her kindy class. The Germans like to hang plastic (and emptied-shell) eggs from trees. Since these are the only two eggs we have with strings attached, we had to hang them in the house.

Ellie's speech, language, and development just continue to skyrocket. She often shares her feelings or thoughts, even telling me about her dream one time. Here she is, loving some attention from Daddy. One of her favorite things is "tickles" which she promptly asks you to stop. Then she says, "More tickles!" She loves being silly and laughing.
Easter pictures to come...they're on Jon's camera. :)


Dirkes Fam said...

Love Kate's drawings, especially the chins.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah for drawing and coloring!!! Love the fun pics...made our Monday! Thanks for the happy visit. Love, G+P

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with Kate's drawings! What a beautiful family PICTURE! Hope mommy is feeling better. We are all excited about PEANUT!
H & J

Nana said...

I love that photo of the family in front of the blooming hedge. Where is that taken? Also, it's great to get the updates with the girls. Great drawings, great laughs, and happy family times. Thanks for sharing them with us.