Monday, March 12, 2012


And our adventure begins! Ellie looks the way I felt when the girls and I got on the plane in Germany, bound for the US.
But we survived! Thank the Lord for movie options on the plane. The girls had a ball starting, stopping, and replaying Cars 2. And I even got to watch a only took me five hours to get through an hour and a half film. Wahoo!

To celebrate the successful 10 hr flight, we got Josh N John's ice cream in New Jersey. Welcome home to the Luminatis!!

Unfortunately, I was a bit out of it to actually get a picture of Jon and the roses he had waiting for me when he picked us up at the airport. Suffice to say there were tears almost all around! Getting over the jet lag meant early rising and donuts together! Here we are, reunited again. Hurray!

We have a wonderful place in old living quarters on the Navy base. The park nearby is wonderful as well...especially as spring is right around the corner.

Of course, I can't mention being in the States without the wonderful food! I won't mention all the weight I've gained, but the first few days I just stared open-mouthed at all the possibilities. Here we are at Cracker Barrel, where I nearly cried into my peach pancakes. (I think it was the jet lag.)

We had the wonderful pleasure of seeing some dear, old friends. (Not that you guys are old! :)) We met when we were both stationed in Dayton (when Jon and I were newlyweds!) and now it's wonderful to visit them with their four kids. They've always made us feel like part of the family. And now Ellie has found her new best friend. She LOVED the dog and still talks about him quite a bit.

All the kids together! They had a great time playing games, putting on shows, playing wii, and eating tasty food of course.

And here's the Yoho family, circa 2012. Thanks you guys, it was wonderful to see you again.

Our next visit was also one we'd been looking forward to. Gram came to stay for a few days and we had a blast. The only thing missing was Pops! Thanks for coming, Gram. And another treat--we're looking forward to seeing Nana and Grandpa later this week.

Living nearby (and back from visiting family in Colorado) are some friends from Monterey! The Werner family. Look at sweet little one--only 5 months old.

And the girls get along pretty well. Kate is a good helper with both the little girls. All three, actually! It's quite a change for her to be the oldest of the kids. Rachel took us to a nearby museum and everyone had a great morning. Perfect way for the kids to expend some energy. We're looking forward to getting together again soon!

It's wonderful to be back in the land of Target where things are familiar and the driving is almost automatic. (No priority roads to worry about!) We are thoroughly enjoying our time here but certainly do miss our friends at home in Germany. We will see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello there in each of these photos! So glad you are all together again. What fun it was for this Gram to come for a visit! Every precious minute a delight...and the time FLEW by. I know Nana and Grandpa will have a blast w/ you all. Enjoy! Love, Gram and Pops(still sad that he had to miss out).

Nana and Grandpa said...

Isn't it wonderful how the Air Force provides friendships and family all over the world. What great pics. We can't wait to be with you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your angels on the plane!!!! Two of the best babies going!!! You are awesome Kate and Ellie! (and you too Mommy). So glad you are all together and having fun.
Hey Grams - love you picture of you and your girls!!

A & J