Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here in Germany, Fasching (Carnival, Mardi Gras) is a big deal. It's on par with Halloween in the US and different parts of the country celebrate it in different ways. But all the ways to celebrate include dressing up and passing out candy.
Kate's kindergarten celebrated on the Monday (Rosenmontag) before Fasching (the next day, Tuesday the 21st). Actually, the kids came in costume to the kindergarten for several days, but Monday was their umzug (parade) where they came outside and the parents were responsible to throw candy. Now, giving candy to children on a special day is something I understand. Throwing it up into the air where the kids run and make a mad dash for it is something I have yet to comprehend. Doesn't seem very German--more American, actually, in that some kids get a ton of candy and some get none. Anyway, it was fun to see the kids dressed up and excited about the day. And Kate came home with a huge bag filled with candy--more for everyone! :)
Sorry the pictures aren't that great. I was doing triple duty as photographer, candy-giver and Ellie-watcher. Our wonderful neighbors, Kristi and Christopher, gave Ellie a bunch of candy to hand out to the kids too. And I guess she did it because she told me she did and her bucket was empty. I wish I had gotten that on film.
Here comes the parade! (One of Kate's teachers is in the alligator costume in the front.) Kate is bending down to pick up some candy right in front. She's dressed as Ariel.
The two in the foreground are our neighbors. Tom is dressed as a fisherman. He kept coming up to me and putting his fishing net right in front of me. After the second time I had to tell him "Nein, Alles!" (No, that's all!) because I had to save candy for the kids who were coming behind him. He pretended not to understand me. :)
After all the kids went past, they continued on the parade route down the street and through the park, back up to the kindy. Kristi (red coat) and Christopher (black coat), Ellie (Cinderella with frog princess hat) and I brought up the rear.
Another shot of the parade, this time as they come through the park. Kristi and Christopher's youngest is in the foreground. Boy was he excited!
And here's a short bit of the kids in action. What a fun event!


Anonymous said...

Love all these fun, unique experiences! My how they grow up. Delightful post to see yet another fun (albeit hectic) day in the life...and so fun to share w/ you. Hugs and smiles...G+P

Anonymous said...

PS...LOVED the side pics of Ellie grinnin for Daddy and Kate asleep on the bureau...never know what you might find as a result of quiet time!!! FUN. G+P