Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last week our MOPS group met with another MOPS group for some fun at Jolo's Kinderwelt (pronounced Yo-low's). Since the temp is still in the low teens and single digits, it's the only way to play! The girls and I had never visited Jolo's before and everyone had a great time.

See Ellie in her blue shirt and pigtails in a child's wonderland...the ball pit.

One of the highlights was a huge crocodile who's mouth opened and closed. The kids could climp inside his mouth when it was open and slide down this "throat." Kate went down it with some moral support from a friend (hand-holding) and Ellie pronounced it "too scary" for this time. But she wants to try it next time.

See the crocodile has something in his tooth...

Ellie making one of several attempts to climb into the mouth. I helped her up but then she'd want down. I don't really blame her!

This rolly slide was a big hit. Kate and her friend Gregory are racing together. Love the smiles!

She was pretty adventurous on this slide--I was proud of her!
I was shocked to look over and see Kate sitting at the top of this mountain. She had to climb it with her socks on and it was wonderful to see her accomplish something so challenging. Daddy would be proud. :)
And not to be outdone...see the blonde in pigtails at the top as well.

This video is a mix of some more fun shots from the morning. Kate riding the slide with two (American) kindy friends first. (I love how Justin screams just like Kate), then Ellie in the trampoline with a bunch of the other kids. Don't think I shafted Gregory! He lost interest not long after I stopped the video and I think he was surprised to see me waiting for him when he got back. :) And finally, Kate and her friend Declan sliding together.

And yes, as I mentioned before, it's still very cold here. We're all ALWAYS trying to keep warm and I had to capture this cutie on film.


Nana said...

What a fun time that must have been. What a great way to get warm when it's so cold outside. I think sliding down the frog's throat was a bit much. How unusual.
Good job, girls and boys! Thanks for sharing the fun.

Nana said...

Oh, now I see it was a crocodile, not a frog. That makes it even more difficult to want to crawl down the throat.

Anonymous said...

Isn't so much fun watching your babies have fun with other "little people"?!!It just makes a mom happy!! Stay warm.
Love you,
A @ J

Grandpa Tom said...

On a cold and wintry day
The girls still needed to play
Mom found them a place
And the croc's ugly face
Didn't even scare them away!

--Grandpa Tom

Jen Luminati said...

Wow, Grandpa! Quite the post. :)

Anonymous said...

I am trying again to post a glitches. Have watched this delightful play video many times...brightens our day! G+P