Friday, February 3, 2012


This whole week has been freakin' freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth. Using celsius, the temp has been as cold as -16. (which in F=3 degrees) The last two mornings Ellie and I have walked Kate to kindy have been -10C. (14 F) Yikes!
So I have to laugh as I'm bundling the kids up. Kate reminds me of Randy, Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story with her huge scarf and snowsuit. And it takes me almost as long to get on as it does Randy's mom in the movie! (Thanks for the scarf, Aunt Bonnie! I love it and K and I both love sharing it.)
Here's Ellie, struggling to get off the floor in all her gear. (Notice how I grab the camera, not her hands to help her up.)
And we're ready to go! Along with our neighbor, we're all set for a chilly, brisk walk (well, as brisk as a 2 yr old goes) to school. How very German of us, eh? I won't however, mention how a certain family member is missing all this freezing fun and is basking in 65+ degree weather at this point in time.... :)
Did you happen to notice that big box behind Ellie as she tried to get off the floor? Well, the commissary on post has stopped carrying boxed diapers (GREAT) so I ordered some online. Wal-Mart got them to me in less than two weeks (a miracle!) but it came in this HEW-GE box. What is filling the rest of the box, you ask?
Ellie, our dedicated mess-maker, is in mess-making heaven. The box must go!


b.niel said...

As soon as I saw the name of the post I knew there'd be a "Mr. Bigglesworth" in there! The girls are just as cute bundled up!

Betsy said...

Memories of snowsuits! Great pics! I remember trying to move around in a snowsuit. Cute! Hugs, G+P

Nana said...

They truly look like Randy. How funny! Who's Mr. Bigglesworth? I heard on the news that Europe is having some very cold weather. And you have just confirmed that.

Anonymous said...

Love the snowsuits! Are you getting any snow or just ffffreezing cold weather? Stay warm you cute ladies.

Tom said...

I laughed out loud at K and E dressed for the snow. Thanks for having the presence of thought snap the picture Jen, after a tiring time of getting them dressed up.



Lacey Yoho said...

In defense of the one who is missing from the picture, it is NOT 65 right now. It is 50. We'll take good care of him!!! Can't wait to see you!