Monday, January 30, 2012

Day by Day

As we inch closer to February, I wanted to post what the girls are up to.

Kate asked me to come in to her room one day and see something. "See, Mommy" she said to me, "I made a chalice." (Well, that's just what I was going to call it!)

They love their matching shirts from Great Gramie and Great Papa. We miss you, Great Papa, and sure do love you, Great Gramie!
Blowing kisses, mid-blow.

They set up their own "hotel room" in our guest bathroom. Basically they brought all the toys from the lower level and all the jackets and shoes from the foyer and put it all in there. How proud they were!

As Ellie continually battles bronchitus (or forms of bronchial infections) we have added a nebulizer to our daily routine. We call it "Ellie's mask" and (thankfully!) she likes breathing into it.
Sissy even gets to help out.
Kate took this picture and it reminds me of the following one:
...when Ellie was in the German hospital last March. She was so sick with pneumonia! We used a nebulizer then too, and it was awful. Thankfully it's not that bad this time and we are grateful for all your prayers as we battle yet more illness! There may be something to be said for "Germ"any. :) Just kidding, Germany!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear she's been sick. Joanna had 3 UTI's last year and was hospitalized twice. It's the worst! She's been 2 months without a UTI so far this year though.

b.niel said...

so sorry that little ellie is sick again! Thanks for the fun pics though! So exciting to see the headband on! Yay! And it's great to see a pic of the "hotel" after I heard the extensive story. good times.

Nana said...

Kate and Ellie play together so well and seemed to have so much fun. That's great to see. Poor Ellie, I'm so glad you were able to get what she needed to breathe easier. You are really being stretched while Jon is away, Jen. I'm so glad she didn't have to go to the hospital. It's great having your own personal dr. Ed's the best!

Betsy said...

Hello to all! LOVE these adorable pics of "girls in a box" and then so proud of the chalice and hotel room! So fun to see. Glad Miss E is back on the mend again. SO glad you have the nebulizer. Thank you, Jen, for sharing w/ is in the midst of all you do! Hugs, Gram and Pops on call...

scarlet said...

oh man. sick kids is bad enough, but sick kids as a single mom is for sure worse! sorry honey.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Chicks in the box"!!! They are adorable. Good nurse job, Kate and Ellie you are a great patient!!Keep up the great job, Jen. We love you
A & J