Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo Shoot

Our aspiring photographer went on a photo spree a few days ago. I wanted to share what I thought were her best shots.
The thing I love most about this (besides the fact that I am cosily reading in bed!) is Ellie's eye in the corner.

Excellent shadowing.

I never knew our walls were this interesting.

Don't you just want to know what she's looking at?
Abstract and random.
There were a LOT of shots of the family videos playing while she did her photo shoot. I tried to narrow it down to the best.

And the gorgeous view out our bedroom window!


Dirkes Fam said...

Super Cute!

Anonymous said...

Great job! You are a better photographer than your Aunt JoAnn!!
Keep up the good work.
Love you,
Aunt JoAnn

Irishdrums said...

nice candid shots Kate :)

Nana said...

How fun to get to take pics! Good job, Katde!

Betsy said...

So, once again we see our comment did not make it to the comment section...gotta love new computers!We got such a kick out of these pictures, Kate! Great job!! So much fun to be part of your everyday lives. Love, G+P