Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Songs

A while ago, we had a request from our beloved Pops for a song posting. Well, he's been very patient, and he hasn't even complained that I hadn't fulfilled his request yet! So as he ends this very special week, we wanted to send out a We love you, Pops! Here is the video for you (and any others!) to enjoy.

The Fruit of the Spirit song is amended by Ellie, who adds (instead of "peace and patience") "piece of fish" which usually makes them laugh out loud. The song in German is a fun one that I didn't even know she knew until I heard her singing it to Gram on the phone.


Anonymous said...

What JOY for our water for our souls! Thank you for this special sharing! Great singing Kate and Ellie!!!!! We love you all buckets! Pops and Gram

Shelly Winters said...

AWESOME!!!! Loved listening to the oh-so-grown-up girls singing! Great job, ladies!

Miss Shelly

Nana said...

Kate and Ellie what wonderful singing. That was great! Yes, it's the beginning of the trio, the LUMMY girls.
What do you think? These two are just waiting for sister number three to join them. Then they can go on the road!

Erin said...

This just made my evening! Your girls are wonderful!

Irishdrums said...

Haha! Piece of fish! I had many of my own version of song when I was that age too. They are too cute! Cool that Kate is learning to sing songs in German as well as English! Someday I hope we can be as lucky to live in a foreign place for a bit and experience a new culture as a family.