Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't freak out, Gram!

This may make Gram sad, but we are happy that Kate has had her first haircut! I realize boys go through this ordeal MUCH sooner, but now, at 4 yrs old, we have a stylish new do. (Well, it got all the old hair cut off anyway...I don't pretend to know much about being stylish!)

The required ice cream cone while waiting. She was surprisingly excited to get her haircut.

While her barber didn't say much, he was very efficient. She did great in the chair. (See all that long hair in the mirror!)

And because I wanted to be THAT mom this time around, here's a video. :)

You look great, sweetie!


Caitlin L. said...

gorgeous! LOVE it!! She's still a beauty!

Betsy said...

Hello Kate, I love your hair! You look so pretty. I'm glad that you and Mommy had so much fun out together. I am sure Daddy loves your new hairdo, too! Love you to the moon and back...Gram (Pops loves it too!)

Nana said...

Kate and fam, I love the new haircut. I think you look older, Kate. How old are you these days? Your hair flips up so nicely. It reminds me of an old TV show. Let's get Kate a hat and then she can spin around and throw her hat in the air like the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Remember that, Jen?
Very cute! I can't wait to see you in person, very soooon!

Shari Baker said...

Her hair looks so good! Her ends curl up nicely thanks to her wavy hair.

Grandpa Tom said...

Grandpa Tom

Kate, your new haircut makes you look elegant, sophisticated, stylish, fashionable, upbeat, cute, mature, wild, and very attractive!