Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

For our first Halloween in Germany, we didn't really know what to expect. And true to form, things didn't happen in ANY way we'd expect! (more on that later)

Here are the girls, dressed in their Halloween finery for our AWANA Fall Festival. At the 9th hour, Ellie nixed the butterfly costume she'd been planning and decided to go princess. (We weren't totally surprised.) She was joined by her fairy princess sister. (And those wings you gave us oh-so-long-ago, Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Al, are still a hit!)

After consulting with our German neighbors about the scarcity of candy-ready homes, we decided to play it safe and trick or treat on post. Here's how most of our evening went:

Yes, Ellie is racing ahead with Kate and mommy in tow.

The kids did a great job saying trick or treat and thank you, and Kate especially loved seeing all the other costumes that kids were wearing. She'd say "Hi, Batman!" and "look, a scary mask!" Neither seemed afraid of the scary costumes, which was great. At the AWANA festival, Kate saw a girl dressed as Rapunzel. Kate made her night when she got Rapunzel's attention and said "Rapunzel, we have your movie at home."

Even toward the end, the pattern continued: Ellie, Kate, Mommy.

Showing off the chosen piece to accompany them home.

And here's Daddy and Ellie before the AWANA festival. Like I mentioned earlier, things didn't pan out as we'd expected. Poor Jon: on Friday night he was admitted to the hospital with kidney stones. Turns out he has two stones that will need to be removed by a procedure mid-November, and he is really hurting. So he had to stay home and take it easy while the girls collected their loot. But the certainly were excited to show him (as he was excited to see) when they got home. Thank you to EVERYONE who is thinking of and praying for us during this unexpected illness. We are so blessed by you! And Daddy, you are our Superman!


Nana said...

What fun the girls and mommy-in-tow had. Did they only get one piece of candy after all the loot they collected? I hope not! How fun. We have fond memories of trick or treating and you know trick or treating is Grandpa's favorite thing! (It's a good thing he wasn't around or the girls would not have had as much candy!) I'm glad to see that Jon can smile even with kidney stones. We're praying for you, Jon and fam.

Betsy said...

What fun, what fun! Adorable outfits, happy girls! You go, Jen, to see that they had this experience in the midst of the challenges. Love Ellie running along, fully into it, and Kate loving taking to the different characters they met. Happy Halloween to all! So grateful to see Jon and know he is on the mend. Rest everyone and thanks so much for sharing. Love, G+P

Lauren said...

Great Superman costume Jon! Hope you are feeling better. Maybe the girls will share their candy!

Grandpa Tom said...

It's great to see your first Halloween. These days Ellie is looking as princess as Kate. So good to see Jon in this picture, looking fairly normal.



shortygoldstein said...

I miss you guys so much!

Shari Baker said...

What beautiful little princesses!