Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here's to you, Daddy!

Recently (as of yesterday) poor Jon had to deal with the effects of kidney stones. It came upon him rather violently (if you've had them you know what I mean) and he's been struggling with pain and discomfort since. We are SO thankful that the painful discovery of the kidney stones came THE DAY he arrived home from a trip. Thank the Lord it didn't occur while he was away! Our awesome neighbors came over in the middle of the night to be here for the kids so I could drive Jon to the hospital. The stones were discovered, and he had a stent put in. Then...two weeks elapsed until the drs thought the removal of the stones could occur. And THursday, it did. We are thrilled to announce that Jon is home with us and is stone-free. Oh, and he's tubeless, according to the discharging dr. There's an enormously funny story about Jon trying to communicate his level of pain to the attending'll have to ask him about it, though. Heee heee.

For those of you curious, here's the view out of Jon's hospital room. (This is the first time he was admitted. The second time he had a joint room and his bed wasn't near the window.)

The fall colors were glorious! It was sad we had to view them from the hospital, though.

Hanging out with Daddy.

What a trooper he is!

And since we got to prepare for his surgery for the stone removal, we flew my mom out to be here with us. She is such an incredible help! Mom, we couldn't have done this without you. And we have the double happiness of having you here with us for Thanksgiving. Thanks to all the Lattimer/Axline family for lending mom to us. Especially you, Grandma Doris!

And thank you to all the wonderful friends and family who have prayed for us, called, brought meals, posted on our facebook are an incredible encouragement to us. And as this first year in Germany comes to a close, we reflect that two of the four of us have had to stay in the hospital since we arrived...and we pray that is the end of that!


Betsy said...

Hoorah! We are, of course, thrilled that this episode can now close. It is wonderful to see you smiling and recovering, Son. We are thankful for God's gracious covering, great care and a FAMILY (including one ever vigilant wife and one super Nana) who have supported and loved you so well. We know your girls are so happy to have you home. We send buckets of love and hugs...Mom + Dad

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home and this is behind you!!Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving all together with one super Nana!!That was such a blessing she was able to come be with you.
Love you,
Al & JoAnn

P.S. Loved,loved, loved Kate's haircut video! She looks so

Sally Brewer said...

Glad to hear Jon is doing better. And what a blessing that you cold have your mom here to help you. Happy Thanksgiving Luminatis!

Shari Baker said...

Yes, I'm sure that you thought that you would not spend as much time in the hospital, when you were picturing life in Germany. At least the hospital is surrounding by such beauty, and not city streets and buildings! The fall colors look amazing.