Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gram and Pops!

The days are just flying by! I'm a bit behind on blogging, so here's my attempt to catch up.

We had a wonderful visit with Gram and Pops this month. Thanks so much for coming!! Here they are headed to the chocolate factory with the girls. This is one of the many things we did while they were here.

Of course, Gram leaves us stocked with cookies (and spaghetti sauce--yay!)

This was our first year to enjoy the Pumpkin Festival that was nearby and we all loved it. What wonderful weather we had too! (Kate's enjoying it more than the rest, I think.)

This whole building was surrounded with pumpkins that had where they were grown and what they were called. It was so neat!

We also got to enjoy a friend's Superhero birthday party with Gram. Here's Ellie trying out her mad muscles!

And Kate enjoying some tasty cake.

Pops even got in on the action a LOT--he had to escape to his room quite a bit. :) What a trooper he was...especially when Jen had to go to a meeting at Kate's kindergarten and all the neighborhood kids descended upon Gram and Pops. Of course, they kept everyone happy!

Since the weather was so nice, we drove through the Schwarz Wald to Baden-Baden, which was a beautiful little resort town. Here's Jon and the kids enjoying the rose garden.

And walking along near the super-chic shops.

Enjoying lunch at a local Kebap place. Of course, Betsy busts out with her Turkish and the owner was so pleased that he gave us free Turkish tea and dessert. What a great lunch!

One morning while Jon went to work, the girls and I took Gram an d Pops to a nearby castle. While they took the tour, the girls and I enjoyed "lunch on the terrace." Not too shabby.

Definitely a highlight was being invited to our landlord's home for kaffe und kuchen. Their daughter, our friend Ellen, joined us and bridged the language barrier. It was such a wonderful experience and the conversation was lovely.

And certainly NOT to be forgotten...Gram and Pops escaped from our house for a few days and celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in Paris. Congratulations you two!! What an inspiration you are to us. Here are just a very few of their pictures of grand ole' Paris.

(The pipe, the Seine, the wine, and Rick Steves. Just what every traveler in Paris needs!)

Oh la la!

Again, congratulations to you both. We love you and miss you already. Thanks for spending time with us!!


b.niel said...

Gram knows TURKISH? My goodness! Gram and Pop wonders never cease. What a great trip! Thanks for the pics! Those girls are getting so big! Love you guys!

Betsy said...

Thank you for the WONDERFUL + FUN visit we shared with you! So many delightful adventures and doing life with you all is the BEST! So neat to see Kate off to kindergarten and Ellie zoom around at her tumbling class. (Slices of Luminati life!) Each tour around Germany and enjoying your village as family was wonderful! Pops and I keep going over all we did and all the sweet memories we hold. Love and miss you all so much! G+P

Betsy said...

Beth, I was an exchange student to Turkey in 1965! That was an adventure! Loved it. Love to you + Ev! betsy

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and what a great visit with Grams and Pops! I can only imagine the fun with those girls that was had!!! So glad they got to Paris - such a romantic city!Ohh la la is right!
Just loved the pumpkin house too, how cute.
A & J

Nana said...

I love the close up of all of you. It's like having you here. Isn't it great to have Pops and Grams visiting. I know it was a wonderful time. They're still sad to be back in America. They miss you terribly and loved their time with you! That 40th anniversary trip to Paris was not bad either. Don't they look like they belong there?!

Shari Baker said...

The chocolate factory seems to be a favorite family activity. But, who can question why, when it involves chocolate? :) I'm so happy that both sets of grandparents are able to visit as often as they do.