Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kindergarten Kate

Just a few years ago, this handsome young boy started preschool. Any guesses who he is?

Well, what a guesser you are. Here is that same handsome young boy (now a man!) holding his oldest daughter on her first day of German kindergarten. (the American preschool equivalent)

Here are a few thoughts before we walked to school.

We are so grateful that her response to going to German kindergarten is one of excitement and anticipation. She was thrilled to head out this morning.

We had the pleasure to walk to kindy with our next-door neighbor and his mom. He is 5 and a regular at kindy, so he was full of first day tips. We also have three other kids from our street in the kindy, actually in Kate's class, so she already knows several kids. Since everyone speaks German at German kindergarten, that's our biggest hurdle and concern--that she won't be able to communicate with the kids. Most of the teachers speak English fine, so they can communiate with Kate, but part of the reason for putting her in German kindy is so that she can learn German. So it's a different dimension to the first day of school.

Ellie didn't really understand what was going on, but she was happy to be a part of it all. Kate is looking a bit cold because it was chilly this morning!

All smiles as Ellie and I kissed her goodbye and left her playing in the little kitchen.

And now that her first day is over (she attends from 8-12:30) she is tired and happy to be home. The teachers told me there were a few tears in the middle of the day but she got over it and since Ellie and I picked her up, she's been happy and willing to talk about her day. It will take some getting used to, but we're positive this will be a great experience for our little girl. We are so proud of you, Kate!!


b.niel said...

wow! such a big girl! growing up so fast! sniff, sniff. very exciting for her! her auntie and uncle ev are so proud of her!

Nana said...

Kate, my how you are growing up. We're so happy that you have friends at Kinde and that it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Tom wrote:

Way to go Kate! We're proud of you for doing so well on your first day, I remember a lot abou my kindergarten class, believe it or not.

Irishdrums said...

Very sweet, thanks for sharing Kate's special big day. Like the pic of little John ready for his first day. I was bummed when my sister (18 mos. older) went off to Kindergarten on the school bus and I had to stay home. I would ask my mom all the time when would I get to ride the bus. Hope Kindy continues to be a blast for Kate!

Shari Baker said...

Love the picture of Jon, and, especially the haircut. It's too bad that Jon can't have that haircut now... :) Kate is adjusting well to a new culture and language, and soon, she may know more German than her parents, as kids pick up language so fast!