Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Visit

We've had to say goodbye to a lot of family and friends since moving overseas. This is the first time we've been able to say hello to friends we're now closer to. And what a blessing it was! A huge thanks to Caitlin and Artur and two of their three girls who made the hike out to Heidelberg to see us before they all drove back to England.

Why else does one visit Heidelberg? (To have Starbucks, of course.)

It was fun to see our girls finally meet. Kate and Lael are the same age and so are Ellie and Gabby (not pictured). So many sweet girls!

Fast friends.

And Artur, it was wonderful to finally meet you as well. Thanks again to both of you for squeezing us in to your trip. I know it wasn't easy and we greatly appreciated even the short time we could spend together. Love you guys!!!


Caitlin L. said...

oh we loved it so much! It was nice to see you all and just to hang out with americans again! We love you guys!!

Nana said...

What great pics of Caitlin and the girls and the Luminati girls. What a treat for all of you. And it's good to see Artur too!

b.niel said...


I would love to meet Artur and hang out with ALL of those girls (especially the biggest ones!!) So glad you guys got to hang out. everyone is looking beautiful!

Erin said...

So happy you all got to be together. And yes, a bit jealous of all of you, too! ;-)

Shari Baker said...

Jen, you and Caitlin look so pretty in your picture! How sweet!