Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Away

We had a busy but fun weekend driving around! We started in Germany, headed to the Austrian Alps, then up through Germany again and back into Switzerland. It was a slightly circuitous route based on a hiccup with the GPS...but it ended up great. The weather was wonderful and everyone did a great job traveling in Cooper (our mini-van).

Check out the link to the facebook album here for pictures and more info! Beth and Evan arrive tomorrow...we're so excited!


Betsy said...

LOVED the photo display on facebook...what beautiful photos of the mountains, lakes, castles...SO like Sound of Music...and the pics of the fam...GREAT! Thanks and love to all...G+P

Shari Baker said...

The hills are indeed alive with the Sound of Music! I am so proud of you for acting like Julie Andrews! Everything looks so wonderfully divine.