Friday, May 13, 2011

Ellie's Second Birthday: Part 1

Today was Ellie's Second Birthday. We're all tired from a very fun and very long day, so we'll save more pictures for the next post. But we did want to share a before and after photo to show how much she's grown in so short a time. We love you Ellie.


Betsy said...

Dear Ones, these photos of Ellie are precious...what a precious gift of Gof she is to us all. Looking forward to pics of the celebration! Love, G+P

Nana said...

Hi Luminatis,
I bet the celebration for Ellie was great fun. She certainly has gotten bigger in 2 years. What a joy she is. Thanks for the pics.

beth and melinda said...

happy birthday sweet ellie

Shari Baker said...

Such a beautiful girl! :)