Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Part II

As promised, here are a few more pictures of our Easter celebration.

I love the look on her face--rarely do we get to capture a REAL smile. She was so excited to open this dress from Grandpa and Nana.

And we're trying to get them to smile in their pretty dresses from Gram and Pops. Two sets of fun dresses and they were thrilled to wear them both!

Chicks (all three)

I had to include this because I could not find Cadbury Eggs over here this Easter and I was so happy to receive some! And the peeps were awesome too. :)

Cozy with Daddy.

Here's our friend's son, Aidan. He made sure to show the kids how REAL Easter egg hunting is done. Doesn't he look like Harry Potter? Funny thing, he is a huge HP fan. Hurray!

I'm not sure what Kate's praying for here, but it's so sweet! And it's fun to see Kate and her buddy Declan play together. They enjoy it so much.

Happy to share her candy. Want a bite?

We had a great Easter and a fun time with our friends. How thankful we are that Jesus gave His life for us so we can celebrate life in Him! Also, it reminds us of how thankful we are to be healthy and to continue to adjust to life in Germany. We're hitting the road this weekend, so more pictures next week!


Betsy said...

Wonderful photos! You really did have a fun Easter day. The girls look just adorable in ALL their Eatster finery! Great shots, always so welcome and a joy to our thirsty souls! We thank God for His Son and for you all. Love, G+P

Tom said...

How wonderful to see all of you adjusting and having some fun in the Spring sun. Beth and Evan will be with you shortly and next month -- so will Nana and Grandpa and we can't wait!


Irishdrums said...

Sweet pics :) Thanks for sharing your Easter fun. Glad you all are settling in nicely over there! ...and apparently I hear European candies are better than American...score for Easter! :)

Shari Baker said...

What beautiful dresses! It looks like the girls really enjoy dressing up. It is so cute that you can have them wear matching clothes.