Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter (Part 1)

He is risen! He is risen indeed. Happy Easter! It's always so wonderful to be reminded of the true meaning of Easter and to spend time thinking about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. We tried to emphasize that more with our girls this Easter (as they're getting older) by using the Resurrection Eggs (the Easter story parceled out in Easter eggs). The girls loved it. In fact, Kate took to it so well her imaginary play consisted of dying (frequently) and then rising again. It was cute. Strange, but cute.

The girls received some beautiful Easter dresses from their grandparents and wanted to wear them both on Easter Sunday. It was a tough decision! But we really enjoyed having our sponsors and their sons over for Easter dinner. Their boys get a long very well with our girls (even though their oldest is 7) and it was fun to see them hunt Easter eggs and play together.

Probably the funniest thing was seeing them hang out after dinner. They were all coming down from a sugar high and some handled the crash differently. I'll post more Easter pictures soon, but this video needed it's own post. They are starting a Veggie Tales video and I think you can tell our girls have seen just a few in their young lifetime. (And I hear some of you singing along, too!)


Betsy said...

What a beautiful family portrait. The girls look so pretty and so grown up! What a hilarious video! We LOVED it. Glad the resurrection eggs were so well enjoyed. He is risen indeed. Love and miss yopu all...G+P

Erin said...

That is AMAZING. HAHAHA! Love it!

Anonymous said...

How funny is this video! Great singing, girls! We are wondering what those cute little boys were thinking. Maybe they weren't aware that the girls were singing!!!
Very pretty pink dresses!
We love you,
AL and JoAnn

Shari Baker said...

What a hilarious video! I think that you can almost see the energy reverberating off of Ellie's body if you look close enough. And the boys are totally opposite from the girls. So funny! :) I was singing along to the song too, I admit. I still love the Veggie Tales music. You and Blythe were the first people to introduce me to Veggie Tales.