Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a great Halloween. It's becoming more and more fun as the girls get older and we get to see them experiencing things and understanding things for the first time. This Halloween was no exception!

Daddy found a great farm nearby for us to go and pick out our pumpkins. The kids also really loved the corn maze. They ran around that thing forever! Ellie cried when we carried her out.

They both chased each other and wanted us to chase them. Fun times.

Here we are with our wagon, looking for the perfect pumpkins. We found them! :)

Of course, Ellie wanted to pull the wagon herself. Her sister wanted a ride, but we nixed that idea.

It only took me three tries to get this picture. At first she wouldn't go near the pumpkin because she thought it was dirty. I wonder where she gets that??

Daddy and Kate, carrying our loot back to the car.

(P.S. Kate later named our carved pumpkin Sheila.)

Here is Ariel and the butterfly (Thanks, Nana!!) getting ready to go to the Chapel for their Halloween program. We had a lot of fun, and were especially happy our international student from Serbia could join us. He really enjoyed seeing how crazy Americans go over free candy. :)

After the Chapel party, we trick or treated home. At first, Kate was very skeptical and shy about going up to other people's houses. Then, after she realized what happens when you do this, she was gung ho. And naturally, Ellie followed where her sister went and even paved the way a few times. She also loved her costume and wore it all night, vision imparing and all. Kate woke up the next morning and wanted to put her costume on and go out all over again. I had to explain that it was only one night a year--and that night was over! Now we get to enjoy the spoils.

Last but not least, I wanted to share this wonderful picture. Kate really likes watching The Talking Word Factory, and she usually does this while I make dinner. When I took this picture, she came into the kitchen and said "I'm going to spell cat." C-A-T. I looked on the refrigerator and lo and behold! She had spelled cat. Way to go, big girl!


Anonymous said...

Wow! A speller just like Aunt Beth! Love it. Great job, Kate. Also, did Nana make that butterfly costume? Well done! So much fun, I'm so glad you guys had a great time. Totally adorable. Ellie looks so big!
love, auntie Beth

Anonymous said...

ps. LOVE the polka dot turtleneck under the ariel dress.


Jen Luminati said...

Nana didn't make the costume but she bought it and sent it to us. Poor Ariel needed a long sleeved shirt to wear--and that was the only one she had! haa haa. Already the fashonista.

Anonymous said...

How fun to return home today to such delightful pics. What fun you all had picking out pumpkins and running the maze! They look so cute in their costumes. Love Kate spelling out CAT...go Kate...gotta love that Word World! Love you all to the moon and back...Gram+Pops

Shari Baker said...

Wow! You all clearly had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and corn maze! The girls look so cute. Hopefully they did not hide from you too much in the maze! That can be a little bit scary.

NaNA said...

Hi everyone,
What great pics of the family and the pumpkin adventure and the corn maize. What fun you were having. Treasured memories! I'm so glad to hear the girls love trick or treat. Grandpa and I both loved trick or treat as kids. We loved counting our candy when we got home and then eating it for weeks. Kate is really catching on to words. Hurray. I think the butterfly looks so very cute on Ellie. I'm glad she liked it