Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The days just seem to be careening by with the holidays (and Jon's graduation!) coming ever nearer. Also, our move is right around the corner! But here's what we've been up to lately.

The girls having their snack together. This is the first time I've let Ellie out of her feeding seat to have a snack. Don't they look sweet?

Anything to keep from going to bed. (She's trying to hide in the closet.)

Ellie sporting a beautiful dress given to her by my Aunt Sandy. Thank you!!

And every parent's favorite--the sibling choke hold.

Ellie's vocabulary continues to expand on a seemingly daily basis. She'll repeat any sounds and more words are coming. Here are a few of her most recent acquisitions.

Those of you with boys will laugh at this next video, but this is how we swordfight in a house of little girls. (If you aren't familiar with your princess-lore, Malificent is the evil fairy/dragon in Sleeping Beauty.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, look at those grown up sisters sharing their snack time! Great photos and love the videos...Ellie's words just keep on comin' and Kate is great at defeating Malificent! Thanks for the peek into your busy, fun day! How we miss you all...G+P

Blythe said...

LOL!!! I'm pretty sure those girls need to be given streamers instead of swords. I love it!

Erin said...

OHJABOOJABOOJOOIE!!! LOVE the videos. What personality!

scarlet said...

i'm impressed they even have swords!

Shari Baker said...

I'm surprised Ellie can sit still in her big girl chair. She seems to be always on the go! They look so cute eating their snack together at their little table. And, you're right, little boys would definitely not be content with swordfighting the air! :)

Caitlin L said...

1. I LOVE your scarf in the picture!

2. We are very familiar with the choke hold. It's usually intended as a big kiss or a hug, but no.

3. The sword fighting is hilarious! That's so similar to our house! Except Lael usually "fights" a dinosaur.

Nana said...

I love the videos and the pictures of the girls snacking together. What fun. I can't wait to see them and you and the hubby in person! It's coming soon.