Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hangin' with Gram and Pops

Thanks, Gram and Pops, for the great visit! I didn't know one could pack so much into one single week. Activities included:

lots of coloring... (Kate's newest favorite activity)

...and checkups, of course...

...playing on the wii... (Ellie jumped on as soon as that board hit the floor)

...aquarium attractions...

(Both girls enjoyed the touch pools. Ellie loved it--it was her first experience with the starfish and kelp. Kate asked the volunteer who was standing there to "move that fuzzy stuff" so she could touch the starfish below. )

...visiting our favorite clownfish... (She made sure EVERYONE nearby saw Nemo in his tank.)

...and camping! The big excitement this visit was Kate's night with Gram and Pops. They camped at a nearby RV site instead of staying at our house, and Kate talked about "camping" with Gram and Pops all week long. Unfortunately, she needed to come back home around midnight, but it was a great attempt at her first night away from home. Way to go Kate (and Gram and Pops)!

One day, we headed south a little to Point Lobos, a nearby state park that was on our "to do before leaving Monterey" list. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed the hike along the seaside.

Here's the beach where we played for a bit before heading back for lunch. The girls were troopers--especially Kate, who walked most of the time. And then so was Jon, who carried both girls (at one point or another) in the backpack.

We miss you already! See you next month, Pops, for the half marathon!


Anonymous said...

That picture of your Pops acting like a patient is priceless!

Anonymous said...

We LOVED our time w/ all of you. Why does it seem to fly by soooo fast? It was great to "camp" w/ Kate + to see all the new words + activities Ellie has added. What fun we had...it's always so heavy on our hearts to leave, but we will cherish the memory! Love you all so much...g+p

Shari Baker said...

Pops looks like he is so patient and caring! What wonderful pictures.