Monday, September 27, 2010

Yosemite 2010

If you have never been to Yosemite, there's just one word to describe it--superlative. The scenery is amazing, the mountains dramatic, the valley picturesque, the bears plentiful. (Thankfully, not on this trip!) God certainly created one fantastic spot and we were so privileged to see it in person. There was even a full moon, and let me tell you, Half Dome by the light of a full moon--breathtaking.

Here is our campsite in Lower Pines. Yes, that is one huge tent. We've nicknamed it the Taj Mahal.

As you can guess, it was rather chilly at night. However, the girls found the warmest spot in the tent. Fortunately for Jon's sleeping quota, he only let them join him in the morning.

The first full day of our trip we hiked up Sentinel Dome. The guidebook stated it was a relatively short and easy climb for the gloriously panoramic view at the end. Yes, it was only over one mile, but the book didn't mention anything about how hard it was carrying two kids! But Kate loved her vantage point from the backpack and Ellie got so comfy that she fell asleep right in time for the ascent. Breathtaking!! (Every peak has a name, but I don't know them all. So all you get is Half Dome, just behind and to the right of Kate's head.)

On the way back down from Sentinel Dome, Kate walked most of the time. When we stopped at one point and found her trying to take a nap on a rock, we figured she'd had enough . So back in the pack she went. We got lots of "awwwws" and smiles from sympathetic hikers along the way.

Kate running down the street toward our campsite.

The last full day at Yosemite, we piled the girls in the new bike trailer and headed off for a ride around the valley. Despite the fact that I could have adjusted quite a few side mirrors as cars streamed past, the ride was beautiful.

(Doesn't it look cozy?) Both girls did a great job squashed in here. They only started complaining around lunctime.

One of the amazing meadows we passed on our ride.

We stopped for lunch at Cathedral Beach and Kate enjoyed tossing rocks into the pond. We had to keep both hands on Ellie or she would have been IN the pond.

And just so you know what you're missing and so you realize how much you need to go to Yosemite yourself and see God's grandeur, here's one of Jon's Ansel Adams-like photos:

(El Capitan on front left, Cathedral Rocks on the right, and Half Dome center back)
What fun and life-long memories were made this week. We are truly blessed to have spent time there. And it was a double blessing that our friends, the Wagners, were camping nearby at the same time we were. They had us over for dinner at their campsite and cheered us on as they passed us on our bike ride. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of us all but you can imagine the fun (and dirt) the kids enjoyed as they played together.
Anyone for winter camping? (JUST KIDDING.)


Anonymous said...

wow, what amazing pictures! It looks like the girls were real troopers and you all had a great time. Beautiful scenery. So fun! Thanks for the update! love, auntie b

Brent, Lori and Elli said...

It looks like you had such a great weekend. I love the pictures. It is a beautiful place! We would love to see it someday. Maybe not the whole camping experience, but would like to see it nonetheless:)

Blythe said...

Gorgeous!! I bet you were just enthralled all weekend with God's creation!! Thanks for posting the pictures!! And it looks like the girls did well! hooray!!

Nana said...

I'm so excited to see the pictures of Yosemite. How breathtaking and spectacular. It looks like such a great family outing and a memory forever. I'll bet Kate will even remember this trip. You and Jon look very refreshed. The girls look so cute in their warm hats and the bike carrier looks like it worked out well. Thanks so much for sharing. To God be the glory!

Shari Baker said...

I LOVE the morning picture! The girls look so sweet in their hats, and Jon looks like such a good daddy (not just in this picture, but in all the pictures of him with his girls).

Anonymous said...

As we head toward you all doing our own camping, we are thrilled to see these fun pictures! What a spectacular place, what a fun family, what a God who blesses us so richly! Loved every word and each picture. Thank u spo much for coming into our dailyives w/ such marvelous updates. See u all in a few days...G+P

Erin said...

Beautiful! Loved all the photos, and what a great family time together. You are making wonderful memories!

Tom said...

Wonderful pictures! When Kate falls asleep on a rock you KNOW she's tired.

Thanks so much for letting us peek into your weekend. It seems like a long lost age when you were there as a girl, Jen.



scarlet said...

i adore yosemite every time i go and am so glad you got to spend time there! great pictures!

Anonymous said...

We love, love, love, these pictures! So glad to hear how much you enjoyed Yosemite. Your camping spot looked perfect. Those two babies of yours are the best!! Kate looks so grown up and Miss Ellie reading in the car - she fits right in!
Love ya - Al and JoAnn