Friday, September 17, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

As the title states, there's never a dull moment around our house. Sometimes Mommy in particular wishes there were! But with action comes pictures and video to share.

We got this dress, along with the shoes, at a recent bargain fair. Kate has hardly taken them off since. She is smiling so big because I asked her to show me her shoes. But her expression was so cute I tried to get it all in one picture. (Gotta take advantage of those good smiles when I can!)

After quiet time one day, she wanted to show me Mommy, Daddy, Kate and Ellie. Can you find them in this picture?

Our little scholar.

Yes, I'll admit. This is how I entertain the children while I attempt to make dinner. Usually one is more interested in what's going on in the kitchen and wanders in to help me. Can you guess which one?

This is a game Kate invented. Thankfully, she realized it worked better if she walked backwards instead of Ellie. Now Ellie is much more willing to play.

Kate already takes after her Grandpa. As you can guess, the key to preschooler joke-telling is just to laugh. (Sometimes this is true with Grandpa as well. :)) By the way, Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!


Nana said...

Kate, you tell great jokes. I laughed at them! And I love backwards hands. How fun for the two of you to play.
Mama, I understand the necessity of the couch pose while you're getting dinner. It's very helpful. Ellie, you are getting so big and you're talking more all the time. We love the blog! Thanks for sharing. Love,

Anonymous said...

What fun to come home to. Love the sparkly new pink dress up dress, Kate, and the new shoes! Ellie, you do look like quite the scholar. Love the hands game and the very clear yes from the Bells. Kate, your jokes are so funny. Pops and I laughed and laughed. Aren't jokes fun? Thank you for entertaining sharing. See you in a couple of weeks, G+P

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and Kate, will you show me Mommy, Daddy, Kate + Ellie in the quilt when I come? Love ya...Gram

Shari Baker said...

Kate is such a girly girl! It is so sweet to see her so happy in her dress-up clothes.

Anonymous said...

Ellie looks so much like little Jenny! What awesome pics and videos. Thanks for posting! love, auntie beth