Friday, November 12, 2010

Ellie at 18 Months

It's hard to believe our little Ellie is already 18 months old. She is such a joy in our household--and there's never a dull moment when Ellie's around. Just this week she bonked her head on the desk in the living room, slammed her thumb in the door, dropped magnets down the heating vent, lifted UP the heating vent to get aforementioned stuff, pulled out all the spoons in the silverware drawer, tried to climb up the bookshelves, and learned to climb up on our bed. She goes a mile a minute and is intensely curious about life, her surroundings, birds, and airplanes. Nothing escapes her notice, and as her vocabulary expands, I'm sure she'll be letting us know what she's thinking. Her laugh is infectious and she loves to be tickled. Oh, and she is a great kiss-giver but if you're smaller than she is, watch out--she likes to butt you with her head as a kiss.

We love you , little Elliana Hope! We thank God for the joy you bring to our lives.

Ellie began waving to Daddy as we drove past his work several months ago and I just now got it on camera. Usually she doesn't need so much prompting, but I think the camera is distracting her. Ellie LOVES her daddy and will stand and wave and yell bye bye from the door as he walks to his car. It's so cute!

This was taken just the other day. Ellie pulled her own pants off and decided she wanted to have a dance party in just her onesie. So we did!


Anonymous said...

As Grandpa Tom, Nana and Pops drove away this AM leaving a sad Gram behind, I decided to check my blog to see my favorite family. Lo and behold a NEW blog with such wonderful videos!!!! How many times shall I watch these over this weekend??? How fun to see those girls riding along in the car, waving to their Daddy, (er, I mean Prince Charming!) Happy 18 months Ellie, you bring us such delight and fill our lives with joy! Love the dancing. Thank you, Jen, for bringing me along when I had to remain behind! Have a great race, guys...bruises and all! Love you to the moon and back, Gram

Anonymous said...

I am totally on board with no pants dance parties. Evan and I have those all the time. hahaha!
Happy 18 months, Ellie, we love you!
Great videos! love, auntie b

Jen Luminati said...

Gram, I partially wanted to get this post out so YOU could be the first parent to see it, since we'll be missing you this weekend. I'm so glad it worked that way. Love you! Love you too, Auntie b. :)

Shari Baker said...

It is so sweet that Jon got to see what his girls do when he is working! That must have made him feel pretty special.

Nana said...

What fun to see the video of Ellie dancing and to have seen her dancing while we were in CA. What a wonderful time we had. Princess Snow White loves to dance too, but usually with other people. I loved dancing with the Princess! Thank you so much for everything. You treated us very royaly. I guess the regal roles run in your family with princess whoever and prince charming. However, Grandpa got a lesser role as the coachman and Ellie got to be the footman, I got to be the groom as the princess and I waved from our carriage after the wedding. What drama goes on every day in your castle! It was great! Love,