Monday, November 22, 2010

Running and Visiting

Congratulations to the finishers! Jon and both the dads ran the Big Sur Half last weekend, and did a fantastic job. The weather was beautiful, the scenery extraordinary, and the runners motivated. Mom M, the girls and I saw them all as they finished. You should be proud! I can't even fathom running 13.1 miles!

After the race, Pops left us to return home, but he and Gram will come back again next month. So we look forward to that. But Nana and Grandpa stayed a week with us, and what a week it was. Here they are, enjoying a moment together on the beach.

And posing with the most accommodating children on the beach. :)

And did these kids keep the grandparents busy! Grandpa watched them both one morning while Mom and I went to Bible study. Then both Nana and Grandpa watched the kids so Jon and I could get away together. Also, poor Nana did more sewing than she bargained for! Thank you! And Grandpa worked his heart out trying to get our car windows clean despite the sandy and salty wind. Both grandparents were tremendous sports as they were "asked" to play part after part in princess play. We have one cute (but kind of demanding) little princess. And Ellie, not to be outdone, is always ready for her share of attention from doting grandparents--whether out to take a walk or to sidle up to you and read a book. Thanks for all the love!

Nana asked Kate to "look over her shoulder" at the camera so we could see her dressing up. Here is her interpretation of that request.

Hanging out with crazy Grandpa.

Thank you for a wonderful visit! We will miss you this holiday season, but are looking forward to seeing you in January. Love you!


Anonymous said...

yay! looks like a super fun visit! and congrats to the runners! we're so proud! Thanks for the pics, we love you and can't wait to see you soonish! Happy Thanksgiving!

love, auntie beth and uncle ev

Anonymous said...

What a great group of pictures!!! Congrats to 3 terrific runners. What a fun day for all. The pic of Jon dressed up to take Kate to the "ball" is super. Way to go, Jonathan! Love that grin of Ellie,s. Looks like a great time was had by all. Love you all to the moon and back...Gram and Pops

Shari Baker said...

I'm glad that the half marathon could bring you all together! And you didn't even have to run it, Jen! Nice! I agree, the thought of running 13 miles does not sound fun at all! :)

Nana said...

What a great week it was and we were very proud of the accomplished runners. What a beautiful coastline to run and what a beautiful day it was. Kate and Ellie were such fun to be with and actually we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jen and Jon too! Congrats to Jon on his testing results with distinction! (What a demanding week he had!) We're so proud of him! We, too, look forward to January! Love,