Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Tahoe and Uh Oh

Here are a few more Tahoe pictures:

Kate, giving it her best effort at a snow angel (in June) at High Camp, Squaw Valley. She really wanted to make a snow angel, but as you can see by her face, that's as far as she got. Great effort, Kate!

Daddy and Ellie taking a break from swimming at High Camp. Yes, we had the pool to ourselves. And considering how cold it was, we know why we were the only ones swimming!

Sunbathing, Squaw Valley style.

Last week, Jon's aunt and uncle came to visit for a few days. We loved seeing them--thanks for coming to visit, guys! One instance that bears mentioning during their visit was Kate's fall into the fountain at our mall. Jon's uncle did a great job of documenting the drama after Jon fished Kate out of the fountain (police, firemen, EMT complete with stretcher, trip to the ER, etc) and he shared the pictures with us. But instead of taking you through the drama, I thought I'd share how she's healing. Thank goodness she just banged her eye a little and was completely shocked to fall in the water, but she is well on the mend. Thanks to Al and JoAnn for all your invaluable help while we took care of our little swimmer. Now she says the next time we go to the mall she wants to wear her bathing suit.

Here is her eye the evening it happened, after the dr released us from the ER.

And here it is just a few days later, well on the mend.

And appropriately enough, Ellie wants to share her newest vocabulary acquisiton.


Anonymous said...

Loved all these pics! How beautiful Lake Tahoe is. Loved Kate's effort at a snow angel. My goodness, we got such a kick out of Ellie's "uh oh". And we get to hear for ourselves in just a few hours. See you very soon! G+P

Shari Baker said...

It seems that Kate is just a kiddo who needs to experience things for herself and learn that way! She also seems to make the best out of situations if they do not go as planned. She is so sweet and so beautiful with all of her curls! Did Ellie say "uh-oh" when Kate fell in the fountain? That is so cute! :)