Friday, July 2, 2010

Lake Tahoe

We had a fantastic time at Lake Tahoe. What a gorgeous place! It was awe-inspiring. God sure makes amazingly beautiful places here on this earth. I highly recommend you go see this one if you haven't already. Thanks to our friends the Winters who drove all the way down from Oregon to meet us there. It was a great reunion and a fun time for our kids to meet and hang out. And we adults enjoyed it too!

Our family expanded their knowledge in several ways during this trip. Ellie learned to gag herself and throw up (twice); Kate learned she was afraid of the dark and desperately needed a nightlight; both children realized their love of S'mores; Jon and I learned the incalculable value of the portable DVD player and a good night's sleep--which eluded us until well into the trip. But, we took our newly formed knowledge and transformed it into stronger character for future trips. And we had fun at the same time! So all in all it was a success. Oh, and strangely enough, we learned the destination of our next assignment on our vacation. It bears repeating that we were informed of our Monterey assignment while also on vacation. (click here to read) Interesting parallel! We loved Lake Tahoe and are thrilled to share some memories with you.

Here's our family at Squaw Valley, after taking the cable car all the way to the top.

Lake Tahoe overlooking Emerald Bay. The sun shone like this every day of our trip. What a wonderful restbit for those from the soggy Pac northwest and the dreary central coast of CA.
Just a bit further south from Emerald Bay is Baldwin Beach where we had a picnic. When we arrived we were the only ones in sight. Sand, sun, mountains, pine trees, snow, lake--everything you could need! (including sunscreen, of course. I was a sunscreen maniac since we were at 6200 feet.)
The town of Tahoe City had a playground right on the edge of the lake that we visited several times. Majestic, isn't it? That's Kate and Rachel in the foreground.
Reunited! What a blessing to see you again, dear friend. Thanks to you and your family for spending some of your valuable vacation time with us.

Kate and Rachel enjoying some S'mores on the back deck.
Reading in the sun of the living room. Joey was such a good sport--he sat and listened to princess books with the best of them. He also introduced Kate to Cars (the movie). She wasn't as good a sport.
Lake Tahoe from the summit of Squaw Valley. Breathtaking--and the sky really did look like this the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Well, this was a delightful wake up this morning! What beautiful photos and wonderful places to visit! We love that you all get out there and enjoy your surroundings in adventurous spite of lost sleep! So glad you were able to reunite w/the Winters family. How these two little girls are growing up. Thanks for a great post! See you in a, G+P

scarlet! said...

glad you had a good trip!

Shari Baker said...

My parents went to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon, and I have always wanted to go, so I enjoyed your pictures! Everybody looks so happy, well, except for Ellie, who looked really tired a couple of times, especially in your big picture on the top! Oh, and instead of restbit, I think you mean respite, but I'm not sure. That's just me being OCD! :) I'm glad that you had a fun time.