Thursday, July 29, 2010

Change of Scenery

Warning: Lots of pictures! :)

We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Colorado earlier this month. We missed our Daddy, who was out of town and couldn't join us, but we took advantage of his absence and his three girls flew by themselves to Colorado. (Praise God we had great flights both times and the kids did fantastic.)

Here we are visiting Jon's grandparents. Four generations together!

Kate with Gram

Grandpa treated Kate and Mommy to the North Pole. We had such fun!

Our 8th wedding anniversary passed while we were apart. But it was fun to take the kids to the chapel where we got married. Ahh, memories! I love you, Honey!!

We were treated to a famous Colorado hailstorm--Kate's first experience with hail. She loved eating it off the deck.

Blythe and Aaron came to visit as well, and it was wonderful to catch up with both of them.

Scarlet and Cora came to play a few times and it was great!

I love this picture. I think it shows their personalities pretty well.

Cousin Riley was also there to visit with us! We loved seeing you, Riley. Here is Nana, posing with all her granddaughters.

Pops gave us a special treat--a trip to the Zoo! Ellie was thrilled to ride the carousel with him.

And a very special get together--if I do say so myself. Two of my three college roommates. It was wonderful to see you guys! Thanks, Shari, for driving down with your family. We missed you, Jackie!!

And here are the cousins, hanging out at Gram and Pop's house.

Again, thanks to all who came to see us while we were in town. We loved seeing you all, but are very happy to be one big family again. We'll be back around Christmas time (Lord willing!) so watch for us again in the Springs.


Shari Baker said...

What great pictures, especially the very special one with the college roomies in it! :) You packed a lot into your time here. I'm glad that you got to see so many friends and family.

Anonymous said...

yaaaay, pictures! Love them all! especially the special pic! That reminds me of simpler, specialer times. The girls are getting so big and ellie's getting more and more hair! Thanks for sharing, love you all!
love, aunt beth

scarlet said...

such a fun visit! i'm glad to hear you're going to attempt one more visit before the loooong assignment fa fa away.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all,
What a great visit! Thank you sooo much for these wonderful pictures to remind us of all the fun and joy. Thank you, Jen, for was wonderful to spend time w/ you and, of course, with 2 delightful,active,super, sweet girls. Love, Gram + Pops

Nana said...

Hi Family,
What a wonderful visit it was, but we missed Jon. It's so quiet around our house now. It's amazing how little ones keep us on our toes and completely wear us out. (We should all be taking an afternoon nap so we can keep up with them). What fun we had and we so look forward to visiting in the fall and your coming in December. Thanks so much for coming. It was a wonderful treat! Much love!

Anonymous said...

So glad you girls were able to get to the Springs. Your flights were great and looks like lotsof fun with all the grands parents!! Jen, how nice you got to connect with friends! love ya The Plantes

Anonymous said...

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