Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Ones

We had to share these wonderful things from our girls:

Yesterday, Jon came home from work after running. He came in and was talking to the girls. After a few minutes, Kate said to him, "Daddy, your hair looks awesome." Jon and I both burst out laughing.

Later, that night, I was washing the dishes and Jon was hanging out with the girls. I hear Kate running down the hallway, and then a crash. Silence. Then, Kate calls out, "My bad."

Yes, she is listening to EVERYTHING we say!

When Jon came home yesterday, Ellie spied him from the glass door. She got so excited, jumping up and down and screeching. Next thing I know she's saying, "Da da da da da!" When Jon got inside, he heard her and proclaimed "She's said her first word!" I had to admit, he was right. Darn. Both girls' first word was Dada. Humph. :)


Anonymous said...

love it! hilarious! precious! adorable!

love, auntie b

Anonymous said...

Great, sweet, fun, delicious moments...smiles from God right into our hearts! How fun! Buckets of love, G+P

beth and melinda said...

da da is easier to say then ma ma :(
I know I know

Nana said...

I know Jon was thrilled that his was the first name. But it won't be long until the Mama is said so many times you'll wonder why you hurried her! Love,

Erin said...

Don't you love hearing your words come out of the mouths of your babes? ;-) In the words of my sister, I hope you're writing these things down in their baby books!