Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 Months Old

Happy 11 month birthday, Elliana! We can hardly believe you're almost one. And of course, the party planning is underway! But this month was a big one for you. You learned to wave, you started to eat fruit, you realized you loved cheese, we think you're starting to say "ma ma" and "da da" but we're not sure. You discarded your wonderfully portable infant seat for a stationary next stage carseat, you're standing more and more and are really starting to push objects and walk with them, you're learning to feed yourself, you've just about dropped your third nap--WHEW. What a month. Probably the biggest change this month has been your food intake. As we head toward nixing the bottle and formula, you're eating so many new foods. And, true to your Luminati name, you love your food! It's fun to watch and you enjoy feeding yourself.

You are as curious as ever; every noise draws your attention. You love going in to get your big sis when she wakes up from her nap, and you can't get to Daddy fast enough when he gets home. You screech and smile and drool up a storm when you see Daddy coming! When you are hungry and I'm not feeding you fast enough, you'll crawl around, following me as I go, and cry this pitiful little cry. And boy do you eat! Eight times a day, and you're always hungry. Sheesh! The scale said you weigh 22 lbs and are 29 1/2 inches long. Your sister didn't make it to 22 lbs until she was 15 months! Amazing how different you are. You love to stand in your crib and bounce up and down, and you love crawling all around, including into the bathroom (where you stand up and pound on the closed toilet) and under the dining room table, (where you cry because you keep hitting your head on the chairs).

What a delight you are, Elliana. We love you!

Stages of standing: #1 (Look, Mom, no hands!)

Stage #2: (Oh my, am I really standing alone?)

Stage #3: (Enough of this. Bend down and let's crawl!)

Oh, and Ellie's already receiving the love from her big sis. Today at the commissary, we were talking to this nice lady with a baby when Kate decides to introduce Ellie (They're sitting next to each other in the cart). "This is my Drooly," she says, indicating Ellie. Poor Ellie! :)

And just to underscore how much Ellie loves her food....

P.S. Yes, her bottom lip is blue--I don't know how it got that way or when! Ahh well.


Anonymous said...

ahh, what joy her little life brings! and WOW, I'm commenting before Gram and Pops!! Love all you guys! Wish we could be at Ellie's party.

love, aunt beth

Shari Baker said...

Ellie looks so happy and joyful! And mischievous. That's the word that popped in my head when I saw the one picture, even before I read the caption. Good luck with that! :)

Anonymous said...

Man,I don't get what's going on w/ this computer...last two times I've tried to comment, it didn't post! Ah, well. We LOVED this post...wonderful updates on our sweet Ellie. Sweet pictures...love her grin! Loved the "Drooly" comment. Blessings to all...see you soon. Love, Gram+POPS

shortygoldstein said...

Love it--- :)

Blythe said...

She is indeed beautifully sparkly and oh-so-darling!!!

btw, I love the rug by the back door. where did you find that?

Nana said...

Elliana is growing so fast and we love the eating stories. Amazing how quickly they catch on to things. We love the video and the pictures of the girls. What good friends they are and will be!