Friday, April 9, 2010

Going Boldly

Last weekend, we took the family up to see the Star Trek Exhibit in San Jose. Actually, I dragged the family up with me. Needless to say, Kate was less than impressed, though she did like seeing the costumes and running around, trying to find her Daddy. (Jon and I would switch off watching Kate so we could actually engage in the exhibit. Ellie observed from the bjorn.) Unfortunately, it wasn't THAT great. It did have several scale models of ships (the Enterprise D, no less!) and some neat costumes (none from the Next Generation except for Guinan's), to include every bridge officer's uniform from the original series. That was cool! And we got to sit in a life-size model of the original series' bridge and get our picture taken. Also, we got to transport (on the tv screen) and get our picture taken on the transporter padd (from the Next Generation). We were not allowed to take our cameras into the the exhibit, which was dishearting, so all we have are these pictures. And the pictures they took cost an arm and a leg so, we didn't buy them. But we enjoyed doing something that mommy and daddy wanted to do and having the kids with us. Our own adventure!

The fam, posing outside the museum

Jen and the latest Kirk

Jon and the latest Spock

Kate, falling asleep in the ride home.

And last but not least, a fun Easter video that has nothing to do with our Star Trek experience, but is so darn cute. I finally got Ellie's wave on camera!


shortygoldstein said...

so so so cute--I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Trek Adventure! Cool. Memories abounded for you both, we are sure. What can we say about the video? Love Kate's Easter response AND the Ellie wave. So precious. Thank you for sharing! Love to all, Gram+Pops

Shari Baker said...

Well, I guess that it had to happen sooner or later, that you would find something Star Trek associated in California! I am glad that you got to see this, and expose your children in some small way to the wonders of Star Trek. Hopefully this experience helped with the great loss of your beloved Jean Luc.

Anonymous said...

SUCH a nerd!