Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen!

What a wonderful Easter we had, celebrating Christ's resurrection. Kate really enjoyed opening the Resurrection Eggs (like an Easter egg hunt) and I got some good video that may show up later this week. But these are just a few fun Easter pictures from our family.

Thanks, Gram and Pops, for the beautiful Easter dresses. Kate wore hers all day.

Happy first Easter, Jelly Bean!


beth and melinda said...

ok those dressed are WAY too gorgeous--you HAVE to tell me where you got it--so we can ask g-ma--and I just LOVE those bunny ears

Shari Baker said...

Those dresses are so beautiful, do they make them in adult sizes? Just kidding, that probably would not look as cute. :) I'm glad that you all had a happy Easter!

b.niel said...

those precious girls are SOOO cute!! Kate looks so big! and the bunny ears pic is priceless. love it.

Anonymous said...

OK, this will be our 3rd try to post a comment. These pics are adorable. The dresses look so cute on them and we LOVE the bunny ears! How grown up Kathryn looks. It was indeed a wonderful Easter, except for our missing you! Love, Gram+Pops

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest bunnies that we ever saw!! The girls look so adorable in the dresses. Ya have to admit - ya just can't beat pink on these two!!
Love - UA &AJ

Nana said...

The girls look so sweet in their Easter dresses. I love it! And I love it that Kate and Ellie know that Easter if all about He is Risen, He is risen indeed! What a cute wave from first Easter Jelly Bean. I'm so sorry the Trek museum was disappointing, but I think you and Jon could both be the new stand ins for the Kirk and Spock. You definitely have the pose.