Monday, April 26, 2010

New Week!

Oh my goodness. I'm not usually one to complain, but last week and weekend were R-O-U-G-H. Both girls were sick--eye gunk, fever (E only), coughing, night waking, forcing eye drops on crying children, crabbiness, throwing up (just a little), and doctor visits and calls. At first I couldn't wait for the weekend where Jon could help me full time. Once the weekend came, we couldn't wait for this week because we knew the kids just HAD to be better by then. Thanks a million to our family who were gracious enough to distract the children on the phone (more than once) when mommy needed a break.

But now, it's Monday and all are better! The girls are struggling with ugly coughs and runny noses, but at least they're on the mend. I think Kate watched almost every princess movie we own this past week, and actually sat through most of Finding Nemo. (She calls it Finding Emu.) And Ellie, not to be out-done in the cuteness department now says two words. Da-Da and Hi. I am desperately trying to get her "Hi" on video to show you. Talk about melt you heart!

Thank you, Lord, for new mercies and new Mondays!


Anonymous said...

OH Jen and Jon,
You weathered the week. SO glad to hear the girls are better! Oh, boy you must both need a good night's sleep...not to mention a date night!! Thanks for being such great parents to our sweet little girls! They are blessed to have you both. Hang in, Gram + Pops

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Hey Jen! It has been a while since I have been over here and what cuties the girls are! It's fun to start seeing the personalities, isn't it?

You asked about my camera on that latest family shoot: it was the new one, my "beloved" Canon 5D Mark 2. :) This is proving to be an expensive little hobby!

scarlet said...

oh my goodness, i don't know how you do it. 1 sick kid is hard enough. i can't imagine 2! i'm glad everyone's feeling better. by the next weekend you'll be a whole new family!
oh, and Cora calls that addictive little clown fish "Me-mo".