Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing Up

Life is very entertaining at our house, though rarely, it seems, am I able to capture it on video.

Ellie drew us (and the camera) to her when we heard these incredible shouts and poundings coming from the bathroom. Usually when she sees the camera, she's so interested in it that I can't get her to continue her behavior. This, however, is different!

Kate loves to sing--or actually, to have someone else sing and she'll listen--but sometimes she'll sing for us, and it's so fun to hear. I love listening to her sweet, little voice. She, too usually gets shy around a camera, but this was one time she wasn't afraid to sing out.


Erin said...

Oh Jen these are wonderful! Love seeing the girls on video like this! What personality!

beth and melinda said...

love love love it!!
finally in a whole new world with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Anonymous said...

So here I am, missing Pops in the DR...knowing how he will LOVE these...my heart is totally filled up and the tears in my eyes are only dwarfed by my joyous smile and laughter. You make our days so sweet with this wonderful connection! How ADORABLE!! I think Ellie really does want a bath. Fun to see her soo vocal. And, who will ever forget "Whole New World!" Thanks you two for these "visits". Love the fun you are having. Praise God for His goodness. Love, Gram and Pops sends love too!

Nana said...

The latest videos are the best. Ellie is certainly letting you know she wants a bath. How cute is that! It probably was fun for her to hear her voice echo in the bathroom. She is standing so straight and it won't be long until she is chasing her big sister around. And Kate's singing. I love it! The girls surely love music and are very tuned to it. Thanks for grabbing the camera in time. You do a very good job of sharing special moments with us. It makes our days!

Nana said...

I forgot to mention the bubble room. I love it. Those colors are so cute. It really makes a fun room. Way to go, Mom. Good choice!

Nana said...

I forgot to mention the bubble room. I love it! I love the colors and the excitement of seeing those spots everywhere makes it a fun room. Way to go, Mom.
Good job! Color always brightens everything.

Shari Baker said...

Give the poor child a bath already! :) Just kidding. It is great that Ellie figures out how to communicate what she wants! And Kate is so cute singing!

Anonymous said...

I say "get the poor girl in the tub". She is ready to give Luke and Joe a run for their money! I love it - how funny! Kate is so cute with her pig tails. I'll look for a portable basketball hoop to borrow. Can't wait!!
Aunt JoAnn

b.niel said...

so cute it breaks my heart in a happy way! love those girls!!

Tom said...

from Grandpa Tom:

We loved Kate's song, and this was our first look at the Bubbles in the Bubble Room.

Keep the videos coming Momma!