Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 months and counting

My oh my, time is flying! Just thinking about this time last year and how I was great with child and we hadn't even met our sweet Ellie yet is amazing. Praise the Lord for His goodness and provision. Ellie continues to be a curious, sweet, smiley child. She is extremely fast when she crawls, and watch out if you're sitting within reach! She'll pull upon you and be so proud. In fact, she likes to pull up on the back of my legs while I'm doing the dishes. Actually, she likes to pull up on anything, especially the sliding glass door, which she then proceeds to lick. She is starting to cruise, slowly now, but soon will take off and watch out! Seriously, there's never a dull moment when Ellie is around. (Not that there is when Kate is around either, mind you!) Ellie loves all kinds of food (even her newest addition, broccoli), so she's a mix of Minnery and Luminati in that regard. Loving food=Luminati. Loving broccoli=Minnery. It won't be long until she can walk on her own, as she can walk with help now, but we're still working on that. She loves to crawl down the hallway and screech as loudly as she can. I imagine she's telling us "I'm over here!" That, or she likes to hear her voice echo. Nothing makes her smile as broadly as her bis sis, unless it's her daddy. And she still doesn't have any teeth! Amazing. We love you so much, Ellie Jelly Belly. Thank you for the sunshine you bring to our lives!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ellie! We love all the new are one BUSY little girl! Yes, Kate, Daddy IS a good reader...I remember when he had to read the last chapter of Charlotte's Web to ME b/c I was crying! "Here, Mom, I'll read it." Pops home and thrilled to see all these videos and pics. Love it! Love you, G+P

Shari Baker said...

All that broccoli is making Ellie strong! She looks like such a happy little girl, and, indeed, she probably will be walking soon!

Anonymous said...

Get those cheeks down here!! So excited about the changes we are going to see since our November visit!
Aunt Jo Ann

Nana said...

What a great review of a very interesting day. Way to go you type A. I'm very proud of you. And you are strong as an ox, (oops, that used to be a common saying, but doesn't sound so good now) Those pictures of the girls at the beach are so cute. I'm glad Ellie took to the sand. What a video. And Kate is making the best of the day. Good for her. Way to persevere, Mama! Sunshine really drives me to do the impossible too! Thanks for sharing. Also, what a cutie Ellie is at her 10th month picture. I want to see the girls NOW. I miss all of you. Love,