Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kate and Ellie

Recently, I was asked to post pictures of the girls at the same age, side by side. Great idea! I am always interested to see who people think the girls look like, so let me know what YOU think. Do we have a "Luminati" baby or a "Minnery" baby? Both? Neither? And I'd also like to post pictures of Jon and myself at similar ages so you can really see the similarities between us and them, but that will have to be another post. Enjoy!

Kate, 9 months

Ellie, 9 months

Kate, 6 months
Ellie, 6 months

Kate, 3 months

Ellie, 3 months

Kate, Newborn
Ellie, Newborn


Anonymous said...

A great collection of photos. What we have here is two sweet little girls...the older a bit more of a Luminati, the younger a bit more of a Minnery...yet we see both of you in each and each as unique from us all! That should about cover it! We love em to the moon and back and the Mommy and Daddy who brought them into our lives! Love, Gram + Pops

b.niel said...

Soooooooo cute! I can't get enough of those girls! You know, I think ellie looks like a Luminati, but I don't know if Kate looks like either. Oh how I miss you guys! THanks for posting, it warmed up my chilly morning. love you.

Shari Baker said...

Well, probably both girls are a mix of parents, but I think that Kate looks more like Jon and Ellie looks more like Jen. They both super cute!

Anonymous said...

I will wait and hold judgement in a couple of weeks when we can squeeze those cheeks!!!We can't wait!
JoAnn and Al

Blythe said...

I also think Kate looks like a Luminati and Ellie looks like a Jen. :) Although they really do look like sisters!! It will be interesting to observe as they get older! Thanks for posting these--what a fun blog post!! :)