Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tots in Tights

Kate went to her first dance class earlier this week. It was quite the experience watching her watch the other girls and the teacher. She was tentative and shy at first, and wanted me to be with her at all times. She even started doing the "limp rag doll" on the floor routine so I couldn't pick her up to move. She kept fleeing toward the "mommy" folding chairs. I could tell that she really did like it, though, and as the class progressed, so did her confidence. Her teacher, Miss Heidi, did a great job of encouraging but not pushing her. By the end she was running around the circle on the floor without me and stretching her hands up in the air. She is extremely excited about next Monday.

Here she is, tentatively smiling before class begins.

All of Miss Heidi's classes are preparing for a short recital before Thanksigving. Needless to say, Kate will not be performing, as she is such a newcomer, but it was fun to see Miss Heidi trying to show a bunch of two year olds where to stand and what to do during particular moments in the song. I had to give her credit for her patience! You can see our friends, Miss Cath (green shirt)and Maggie (black, curly hair) in the center. We both signed our kids up for the same class without knowing it!
Class is ending and Miss Heidi is giving all the girls turkey stamps. Kate didn't want one, but you can see she's feeling much more relaxed. She's even really smiling as she catches me taking her picture.

P.S. There is another recital in May. We'll shoot for having our first performance then--but I probably won't tell Kate yet. :)


Betsy said...

Sweet little pink dancing girl! Just LOVE the shoes. Tentative, but happy to be there and will soon love it. Thnak you for these darling pics! Wait til Pops gets home to see. Love, Gram

Shari Baker said...

Kate looks so pretty in her ballet costume! What a brave teacher for doing a recital with this age kiddos, I don't think I could do it! :)

b.niel said...

so crazy cute! can't wait to see more!

Lauren said...

Love seeing our friends on your blog! I am so thankful that you have become friends. I always wish our life was a little bit slower, so we could have cultivated our friendship more. Matt's dad and Jay's dad are close friends. Matt's childhood dog was named after Jay's dad! I am jealous of the beach pictures and beautiful weather!

Nana said...

A dancer in the family. How fun. So everyone wears light pink? Or does it just happen that all the moms pick that color for their little girls. Does Kate like the class? Does she practice at home? What fun! And having a friend there makes it all that much better.

beth and melinda said...

I love the little ballernia!!!