Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We began Halloween day with a trip to the ocean here in Seaside. This section of beach is a little hard to find and so it's quite empty. We were able to watch a school of dolphins swimming by and several pelicans diving repeatedly into the water after some fish.

Ellie was dressed up as a little pumpkin. We tied a pink bow on her hat so people could tell she was a girl.

Here's Kate checking out Ellie before she heads out to get some candy.

Kate was very excited to dress up as Snow White. She had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood, though she was a little shy saying "trick or treat."

Here she is looking at some pumpkins at a neighbor's house. She liked staring at the candles inside (and asking her dad to blow them out).

After taking Kate around the neighborhood, we all drove down to the base chapel for a community Halloween party. We left our pumpkin guarding our candy bowl and there was still some candy left when we can back (one of the advantages of living on base).

Here we all are at the chapel. Kate was excited to see a fire truck and get her own fire hat. It went very well with her Snow White dress.


b.niel said...


Love both girls' costumes. Kate looks like a little angel!
Thanks for posting.

Betsy said...

Hello dear ones...writing from I Denver...LOVE photos + captions. Looks like u all had such a fun night. Love The photo of Kate peeking at the pumpkin...Ellie's smile is infectious! Thanks for skyping so we could see the girls! Love, Gram + Pops

Anonymous said...

Wow, your two angels (I mean Snow White and the Pumpkin) are adorable! And who is the carver in the family? That is one great Jack-O-Lantern!! We sure like the way you started your day - looking at a school of dolphins. That's a great way to star the day.
We can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here - to hold those girls!

Shari Baker said...

Oh, my goodness, your cute little pumpkins! Or should I say pumpkin. Ellie looks so happy, and Kate is so sweet as Snow White. And about your former post, I feel a little sad knowing that Jean Luc is gone. Do you still have your costume? What made you finally say goodbye after all these years? Hopefully he didn't come to a tragic end. :(

beth and melinda said...

I love these--Kate looks so grown up!

scarlet said...

great pictures!

Nana said...

I love the Halloween pictures. How cute. These times will be memories forever and so special. Kate looks adorable and I bet she loved the dress and the shoes! I would still love to see her in the dress on skype. Did you get it fixed? Let's skype soon.
Love ya,