Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Six Month Birthday to our Bells

Six months already! Our sweet bundle of baby is just getting bigger and cuter every day. Of her many accomplishments this month, Daddy and I are the most excited about her new sleeping pattern. She sleeps from 7:30pm to around 6:30-7 am each day. Hurray! It's wonderful--and we've worked hard on it! Also new for Ellie this month is food. Her current favorite is avocado (just like her sister, who now won't touch the stuff) but she's liking her cereals too. Sweet potato didn't go over too well, so we'll have to try it again in a while. Squash is also iffy.

Ellie is beginning to sit upright, which is great. She can sit with the boppy around her but she tires of it pretty quickly and stiffens her body so she can lay flat. She loves to suck her toes and has even found her thumb. Always attentive, she enjoys watching the hubub around her and Kate comes and goes, as well as watching kids in the nursery at church and during Mommy's Bible study. She's still on three naps a day--can't stay awake more than 2 hrs at a time. We've had to supplement nursing so she only nurses two times a day and takes bottles as well. She's lively and fun, and loves to drool and smile. She continues to love being in the baby Bjorn or Moby and will patiently hang out and observe her surroundings. We continue to thank God for our sweet, happy baby and the fun it is watching her grow and change. We love you, Elliana!
Mommy and Ellie on a recent walk. This picture is great because that is her "what is that??" look. She's so curious about her world and wants to dive in and explore.

We love our little pumpkin!


Betsy said...

What a sweet, sweet blog posting! Happy Birthday, Ellie. How we love and miss you and your sister. So excited about the sleeping! You all finally got there!! We love all the photos, especially the one of you with your hand on Kate's head and the "discovery" expression. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Happy Birthday, Elliana Hope. Love, Gram + Pops

nana said...

Hi Kate and Ellie and your parents,
The pictures are great. Little Ellie is getting bigger every day and Kate, you are such a sweet sister to Ellie. Thanks for sharing the photos with us and it was great to skype with you today. Thanks, Mom, also for the Christmas gift ideas. We can't wait to see you!

Shari Baker said...

What a cutie patootie! Oooh ja boo ja boo! :)