Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mt.Vernon 1

We're a few weeks into our stay at the TLF here on Ft. Belvoir and we decided we'd see some of the local sights. Considering we'll be a long way from DC when we finally settle in CA, we thought seeing as much of the place as we can while we're still here is a good idea. Hopefully, Kate and Ellie agree. :) Last weekend we went to Mt. Vernon. How impressive! We had a great time. And let me tell you, the gift shop is phenomenal. I think, besides how well preserved the house is, the thing that impressed us the most was a rather old-looking, clunky key in a box in the hallway. The guide casually mentioned this key in the short spiel they give to the guests as they wander through the house. The key was given to George Washington by Lafayette and is none other than a key to the Bastille. Yes, the actual BASTILLE. Jon and I were amazed. Unfortunately, you can't take pictures of the inside of the house so we don't have one to show you. Utterly amazing. Lafayette is quoted saying something very touching about giving the key to his country's liberty to the father of liberty.... And there the key sits, hanging nondescript-ly over a door frame in Mt. Vernon. What different times it was back then!

George wanted his family's tomb to be redone after his death, so they built this tomb at his request via his will.
Kate and Jon checking out the horses at the barn. Kate loves horses, but as you can see by her face, she's a little tentative about the large creatures. The famous 16-sided barn that George invented to better accommodate the training of his horses and the storing of his grain.
The view looking at the house from the famous back veranda.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, oh my!!! What a way to conclude our busy day, a new and so exciting post!!! What a FUN and thrilling day at Mount glad you could go! The key to the Bastille, wow! We love hearing Kate talk about it. 'Too cute for words', I'll say...both pictures of the girls. Can't wait til you all come this way. Thank you for sharing w/ us. Love, Gram + Pops

Shari Baker said...

How interesting, the key to Bastille. It is kind of neat to feel connected to the past and take away some life lessons from this time. Enjoy DC while your there! It is a great place, and I often miss living by there (even though the West is great too)!