Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In transition but now semi-stationary

What a difference a week makes!

A week ago today the movers had just started and packing up our home was in full swing. Jon had over an hour commute (both ways) to work and my wonderful mother-in-law was doing all the hard work at our house. :) Today, we are a family of four adjusting to living in a one-bedroom hotel room on a beautiful army post with Daddy working only five minutes away. A couple interesting points to hit about the last week:

--It took the packers just two days to pack and load. We thought it would take three, so that's a praise!
--Thank you SO much to Dawn, Wendy and Rebecca for watching Kate while so much was underway at home.
--Praise the Lord our home closing yesterday went very smoothly. We are officially homeless. :)
--In order to keep from being too emotional at our last night in our house, the neighbor's car alarm started going off at ll:30 pm and kept at it intermittently until after we went to church the next morning. That was lovely. Amazingly enough, it didn't wake Kate up.
--Kate has gone from home to Chicago, to being in a wedding, back home, to friends' homes, back to an empty house, to strange places via long car rides, to sleeping in her pack and play in our hotel living room. We've discovered her way of dealing with stress is to not eat (literally at all) and then throw up. (Sorry again, Dad M!) She's back to eating again and we are never without rice cakes or peach stars. We found not having enough of those two items can send her off the edge. She also has a new mantra--"Mommy hold you"--meaning she wants mom to carry her/hold her. THis was rather disconcerting when we had to drive over an hour up to the house closing and she was told she couldn't get out of her car seat to be held. I could reach back and hold her ankle/leg, so we did that much of the drive. Now in the car she knows to ask for "mommy hold yegg (leg)." Today is the first day we haven't had to go anywhere, so we're just hanging out and letting Kate go at her own pace. She seems to be slowly getting back to her normal self and we are so proud of all she has endured since July started!
--Ellie has been wonderful and adjustable and so sweet through it all. Just one smile from her makes so much stress melt away. I'll try to post pictures soon.

So that's the update for now. We're really learning that home is where we are as a family and we're so thankful to be settled now, at least until the latter half of August, when the treck across the country begins. Thanks to all for your prayers for us during this time of transition!

P.S. Happy 7th anniversary to my WONDERFUL husband!! You make life a joy each day and I can't thank the Lord enough for blessing me with you. Each day is an adventure (particularly this month) and I am excited to move forward together and see what the Lord continues to bring our way. What a great team we make! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Whew! Life can sure be a stresser and you two certainly do make an awesome team! To be w/ you all during this stressful time and watch how you support one another and take such wonderful, loving care of each other and your children was a gift this mother (in law)will cherish. I know Kate will soon be back to her settled, sweet, happy self! Blessings for a SWEET, uncomplicated few weeks in the ARMY!! Love, Mom/Gram + Dad/Pops, too

Anonymous said...

PS...Happy Anniversary!!!!! Mom + Dad

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated for 35 hours this year! Matt started in Qatar and I finished it up in Qatar.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you two! It sure has been a busy 7 years! It sounds like you all made it through this past 2 weeks and now you can play and read books together. These pictures are adorable. Beth looked beautiful and so did thoses two little girls. So cute!!!
Please take care and enjoy. Love,
Al and JoAnn

Nana said...

Hi homeless people who are now living in a one bedroom, one living room/child's bedroom and kitchen. It amazing how you can conform to small spaces. It should be easy in California. I'm glad to get an update and know Kate is settling back into her routine. Peach stars? A new food. Is pirate popcorn still one her favorites? Congratulations on 7 years of wonderful marriage. You three make the best team. I doubt if you went out and took Kate to another babysitter for your celebration. There will be time for that later. How's Jon's course? You don't have to answer on the public comment page.
We are praying for you and love you.

Erin said...

Wow Jen you guys have had a lot going on this month! We hope and pray you get settled as quickly as possible in your new home and that the girls both transition well. You have done so well to look at all the blessings in this hard time!

scarlet said...

happy anniversary! happy anniversary! happy anniversary! haaaaappy anniversary!