Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Transition

THe beautiful bride and her groom.

Mr and MRs Nielsen awaiting their entrance into the reception. OH, by the way, did I mention Beth designed and made her own dress and veil? It was gorgeous.

Posing after the ceremony at Montrose Beach. What an awesome view!

We just arrived back from Beth (my sister) and Evan's wedding. It was fabulous! She was beautiful! Evan looked awesome. THe smallest flowergirl did her part beautifully, thanks to a never-tiring Gram who helped out a ton. (And Pops!) Unfortunately, all my wedding pictures are on the hard drive that is now on it's way to California. The few here are ones Jon took, so at least you can see how beautiful the bride was!

WE arrived back from Chicago and the wedding on MOnday, worked until midnight, then the packers arrived at 10 am on Tuesday. They packed and loaded Tues and Weds and are finished! All our stuff is gone. We are looking forward to seeing it again in California. So we are living in an almost-empty house until Sunday, when we'll move to Ft. Belvoir while JOn takes a class. We close on our house MOnday! PRaise the Lord things have gone smoothly and we are at this point in the transition period.

Until the next post....:)


Brent, Lori and Elli said...

It must be a little difficult living in a mostly empty home. I hope the move goes well and that you are all able to get settled in.

Caitlin L said...

oh my goodness! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could have been there! Beth looks amazing, I love her dress and everything about her! Glad you guys had a good time and I pray the move goes well to CA!

Shari Baker said...

Beth looks so beautiful, her hair, her veil, her dress, everything! What a special thing, to be able to make your own wedding dress! She is definitely talented. It's nice that you had this time of fun before the stress of moving!

Blythe said...

hey, bay--
do you have a phone number or do we just use your cell?

Anonymous said...

What a great post...where did you find the time? What a beautiful wedding, what a wonderful couple...and those flower girls were precious! A joy for us to share with each of you. And now, after a successful packing out...on goes the summer 09 adventure of the Luminati's. Love, Gram and Pops

Beth said...

wow, what a crazy time! I can't tell you how honored we were to have your entire wonderful family involved with our all mean so much to us. I love you, Jen!!

Erin said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!