Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend on the Northern Neck

We all spent the weekend down on Virginia's Northern Neck, a peninsula just off the Chesapeake Bay. We were invited down by Gene & Nancy, some friends from church, who own a vacation home on a small inlet. It was lots a fun and gave Kate her first chance at a boat ride.
This is Gene & Nancy. We were all mentors together in our church's pre-marriage mentoring class. We've been trying to coodinate our schedules for many months now and finally found a weekend that worked for both of us.
Here's Kate and Dad preparing to head out on the boat. It took quite a while to get her bundled up into her lifejacket, but she didn't seem to mind too much. In case you were wondering, she did get fed as well, adding one more place to the list of odd places Jen has fed her.
We got to watch the sunset from the middle of the Chesapeake. It was beautiful, but quite chilly. On the way back, Gene had to plow the boat through a sandbar that became problematic due to the falling tide. Thankfully he kept us free. Getting stranded in the bay would not have been the greatest way to spend the evening.
We also got to try out a water bike back at the dock. Yes Jen is wearing jeans, a wool jacket, and a scarf. It is mid-November!


Beth said...

so beautiful! what a great place. and what a trooper in that life jacket.

Christina said...

Kate looks like she is in shock in that life vest--so funny

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! Kate is already filled with wonderful adventures. How exciting for you all! Love, Gram + Pops