Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've nursed everywhere

Kate decided to write her adaptation of the late, great Johnny Cash's song. Here's to the man!

I've nursed everywhere, man,
I've nursed everywhere, man,
Crossed the country full, man,
I've breathed the mountain air, man,
Of eatin' I've had my share, man,
I've nursed everywhere.

I've nursed in:
my bedroom
Denver airport
Ford Focus
Yoho's house
Skyline Drive picnic grounds
Brownie and Belle's home
Tapahannock gas station
Minnery's house
Wegman's parking lot
Lobby of Washington Hilton
lactation consultant's office
Wal-Mart parking lot
Waiders' house
room at Washington Hilton
Boston Market
the mall
Luminati's house
the doctor's office
Brown's vacation house
lobby of Hampton Inn
movie theater
while sitting on the floor
while standing up
leaning against the wall

I've nursed everywhere.
(The exception is the boat, where Mom used a bottle, so it doesn't qualify for this list.)


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I think the funniest place I've ever nursed was at my sister's college graduation. :) --Sally

Beth said...

that's quite the exhaustive list. very cute post.

Anonymous said...

Great grins at Pinewood...thanks! Gram + Pops

Caitlin L said...

Wow! Jen, you're my hero!
I particularly the Boston market one!

Christina said...

Been there. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm trying to think of the weirdest place I have nursed. My least favorite place is in bathrooms (like at the mall). They smell and are dirty.

Erin said...

Love it! What a trouper you are - both of you - Jen and Kate!