Friday, November 9, 2007

Kate's First Trip Part 2

We have just returned from a two week trip to visit our families in Colorado. Kate did a great job--she slept on the plane, slept at night, and actually napped. Wow--amazing. Here we are in the Dulles airport, waiting to catch our flight. I wish I could stretch out in the airport seats like that.
Of course, Kate was the apple of everyone's eye. Honestly, the minute we arrived at the airport and the families met us, I could hardly get that girl out of the Baby Bjorn fast enough. Soon there was a little group of people around the person holding Kate and Jon and I were standing there, thinking, (as my mom would say) what are we, chopped liver? Ahh, well, such is life.

Kate got to meet her great-grandparents, her aunt, her uncle, her cousin, several of my friends, Grandpa's co-workers, Pop's co-workers and a furniture salesman. It was great--I know she dreams about how wonderful it was and how much love she received. (Ok, not really, but it sounded nice to say.) Here she is with great-grandparents:
She took a suprise trip to Pop's office. Maybe she wanted to try and get a free check-up.
Here she is napping with Cousin Riley

And checking out Aunt Beth
Three generations of the family girls. Grandpa giving Kate a bath in the kitchen sink.When the trip was over, everyone was sorry to go, but we'll be back soon enough for Christmas. Hopefully Kate didn't get too spoiled having her adoring fans around her every minute.


Beth said...

so glad for the pictures at last! I won't comment on how out of control my hair is, I'll just say that child is angelic. and you guys are grrreat. she doesn't overshadow the both of you, in my opinion. thanks for the pictures, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how long I have waited to see the trip to Colorado.
It looks like Jon's dad knows about holding a baby just fine. Tom ? Is he trying to break her neck? Ha!
Wish I could see her too but the pictures willhave to do for now. You aren't coming to Ohio for Thanksgiving are you?
Aunt Cindy

Anonymous said...

We can't begin to say how this trip thrilled all of us. Wait til I show this blog to Great Grammie + Great Papa! They were so deeply moved and excited to meet Kate and to see her wonderful parents! Thank you for bringing her and eachother...for blessing us all beyond words! Love, Gram + Pops

Christina said...

Jen your hair looks so cute--love the bob