Friday, October 12, 2007

What is that?

I love this picture of Jon and his woolly-worm. Actually, I had never heard of woolly-worms until we moved to Ohio. And now, in Virginia, I've seen a blonde one! Have you ever seen a blonde woolly-worm? In my limited understanding, I thought they were dark, like overgrown eyebrows. Hmmm--is it that obvious I was raised in the West? At least I can look out at the Blue Ridge and call them mountains instead of hills. That's a start.


Christina said...

We get them here in IL, but I have never seen a blonde one. Chris say's how dark they are determines how cold the winter will be (the darker, the colder). Don't know if this is true or not.

Anonymous said...

So this is Jon's "fuzzy" side? :)

Jon & Jen--Congratulations on your newest creation! By FAR the MOST impressive body of work I've seen the Luminati's come up with yet (of course, you were both really just co-authors, but I think we're all big fans of the primary author, right? :)

OK, I'll drop my sad attempt at a play on words and say that Kate is adorable, and it looks and sounds like you guys are sliding right into the parenting groove like pros.

Thanks for sending the link to your blog. Hope we get a chance to chat sometime and catch up. I know you guys are plenty busy getting adjusted and we are also plenty busy gearing up for baby #4 to arrive in Dec.

Great looking family!

God Bless,

Phil, Kristi, & the fam.
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